Updates on Ric Flair; Feelers from TNA, Coca-Cola, More

– WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair’s going rate for bookings overseas is $30,000 per appearance plus two first class tickets, one for himself and one for his agent who comes along with him. Flair’s agent, Elaine Gillespie, is requiring all money upfront for Flair’s bookings which is kind of unusual. All the media attention Flair received last month did cause some trouble as Coca-Cola was in talks with him about doing some things but pulled out of the discussions, not because of the news of his daughter being arrested but because of the photo of Flair’s black eye that was going around. Flair has still got a deal for several Southeastern Wal-Marts.

TNA has sent feelers to Flair through Hermie Sadler, but Flair signed a one-year non-compete clause when he got his release from WWE which specifically keeps him from working for TNA.

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