Update on Jake Roberts’ Drama, Trigg’s Future in TNA, More

– When the news came out about Jake “The Snake” Roberts falling off the wagon at an indy show in Celeveland on 9/19, another story came out from a promoter who ran a show the week before, on 9/12 in Martinsburg, WV. Promoter Josh Morningstar of Indy Pro Entertainment said they booked Jake for a show, picked him up at the airport and in figuring his sobriety was bullshit, offered him some pot to smoke. Morningstar did an interview on 101 FM in Washington DC and said Jake turned down the pot, but asked if he could get some Vodka at the local liquor store and also indicated he would be interested in some cocaine. The promoter said by the time the show started, Roberts was wasted and cut a promo where he slurred his words and made no sense. The promoter also said Roberts went up to just about every black person he could find to ask them if they could score him some cocaine after the show.

– Currently there are no more plans for TNA to use MMA fighter Frank Trigg. Everyone in the company liked Trigg and there were some who were upset with the Toronto fans, feeling Trigg did his best in his debut match with AJ Styles and the crowd just wouldn’t give the bout a chance. Trigg just doesn’t fit in with the current storyline of old vs. new as the feeling is he has to be a heel. When storylines change, TNA is open to using him again.

– Another funny backstage TNA story… Booker T’s wife Sharmell borrowed the Raisha Saeed costume one night from Melissa Anderson, put it on and then talked to Roxxi in the Saeed voice, making her think she was talking to Anderson, the woman behind the Saeed mask.

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