Update on TNA Signees, Bad News for TNA’s Game, More

– According to VGChartz, the TNA iMPACT video game sold 98,000 units in its first week, with 40,000 being on the Xbox 360, 32,000 being on the PS2 and 26,000 on the PS3. It ranked #27, #34 and #47 in sales for those three consoles. The predictions among sources in the gaming industry is that the game will end up selling about 200,000 total units. According to those in the industry, those numbers for the first week are not good for a new franchise looking to be successful. Christmas sales may help but they will have the competition with the new WWE game that will be out.

The game got a score of 63 out of 100 by Metacritic, which isn’t good. It’s said that some games live and die based on the Metacritic quality scale. Sources in the gaming industry are already predicting that there won’t be a second version of the game anytime soon based on these numbers, even though there has been some talk of a second game.

– It appears there’s a problem with communication or deals are being made that people don’t know about in TNA these days as several wrestlers have claimed to be signing with the promotion while people within TNA who should know, don’t know anything about it. These include Japanese stars Akira Raijin and Hiroshi Tanahashi along with former WWE Superstar Nathan Jones. Tanahashi was actually kept off a recent tour in Japan and it was announced it was because he was going to TNA.

– New Japan Pro Wrestling is trying to put together a historical event at the Tokyo Dome for the 20th Anniversary of the Dome, with the debut show being on April 24th, 1989. The company wants to do a big joint show with New Japan, TNA, Pro Wrestling NOAH, All Japan Pro Wrestling, Dragon Gate and Dradition.

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