Shelly Martinez Update, The Undertaker’s Knees, More

– Shelly Martinez’ “Win A Date” online auction was pulled from eBay yesterday. In a blog on her MySpace, she wrote last night: “There have been some problems and the ebay will return tonight I will post a bulletin and blog when it is back up with the problems fixed.” There is a new auction, but this time it’s a “Win A Lunch” auction. The picture of her holding a sign reading “Win A Date” is not in the new auction. The former auction was getting some fraudulent bids from people with zero or below feedback, although the fraudulent bids can always be deleted, so it would appear that the auction was pulled from eBay due to how it was presented, especially considering that it’s since’s been changed from a “Win A Date” to “Win A Lunch” auction. On the new auction, Martinez wrote in her blog: “Hey everyone!! Here is the new link to the eBay auction!! Thanks for all your support and I look forward to seeing how this whole thing pans out 🙂 yay fun!! – Shelly.” A percentage of the auction winnings will go to the City of Hope Cancer Center.

– Undertaker, 43, worked a tag match at last night’s SmackDown/ECW house show in Lisbon, Portugal, teaming with Triple H to take on Big Show and MVP. According to a fan in attendance, Undertaker’s knees appeared to be shot. Before the match, Undertaker was seen punching feeling into them. During the match, he was really limited in what he could do and spent less time in the ring than anyone else for obvious reasons.

– WWE’s actually using seat fillers for an upcoming live Raw on the USA Network. Devin Cutting sent in the following… The American Bank Center has posted the following MySpace bulletin regarding Monday Night Raw on October 20th in Corpus Christi, Texas: “Receive free admission and be a part of the production by participating as an audience seat filler while the performance is being filmed! Seeking persons 18 years or older to come enjoy the show while working as a seat filler. Limited seats available. If you are interested and would like more details please let us know.”