Potentially Good Ratings News For WWE, Kozlov’s Push

Credit: ProWrestling.net

— Ratings aren’t out yet, but WWE officials believe the horrible 2.6 rating they drew on Sept 15 can primarily be attributed to the strong Cowboys vs. Eagles game that drew a 13.3. This week’s Monday Night Football game was down to an 8.9, and the season premier of Heroes on NBC was down 35% from the last season premier. This week’s RAW rating should be out sometime late this afternoon or early this evening.

— Vladimir Kozlov is in line for a mega-push on SmackDown. WWE officialy have high hopes for Kozlov, and it looks like he could be a major player sooner rather than later. Jerry Jarrett was actually the one who delivered Kozlov to WWE. Jeff Jarrett and Dixie Carter originally passed on Kozlov because they didn’t want to spend money on a wrestler who couldn’t produce immediate dividends, as TNA was not yet a profitable company at that point.

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