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WWE ECW On Sci-Fi Results – 9/23/08

Posted by Kyle Faust in ECW Results, WWE News
Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008

ECW on The Sci-Fi Channel
Taped in Columbus, Oh.

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The opening montage aired. For some reason, Boogeyman is still featured in the montage… introduced the show… and walked to the ring together. Meanwhile, told Ross that he was honored to be sitting next to him. “Let’s have some fun tonight,” Ross said.

In the ring, Miz and Morrison delivered a promo. Miz said the only reason beat him last week was because Ricky Ortiz distracted him. Highlights of the match aired. “That nappy hair is disgusting,” Morrison said. The complained about Teddy Long’s new talent initiative.

Teddy walked onto the stage with a mic in his hand and reminded them that Bourne and Ortiz are members of the new talent initiative. Teddy said the new talent initiative has brought in some promising young talent. “Good call on that Braden Walker,” Morrison said. He noted that he’s sure Walker is doing well pursuing his future endeavors after working just two matches.

Long said they can’t all be home runs, but ECW will continue to feature young talent. Morrison and Miz challenged Bourne and Ortiz to a match. Teddy said they knew Bourne wasn’t in the building. Ortiz walked onto the stage and said he’d take them on. Instead, Teddy booked Miz vs. Morrison in a singles match. He said the winner would face Ricky Ortiz immediately after their match… [C]

Highlights from Raw aired of defeating Evan Bourne and then beating up

Backstage, Teddy talked to Ricky about his match later in the show. He pulled a rally towel out of his pocket and gave it to Tiffany. “I like it,” she said. She said it felt good as she rubbed the towel against her neck…

1. (w/) vs. Bam Neely in 3:50. A brawling style match. Finlay hit a swinging neckbreaker at 3:00. He wet up to the second rope for some reason, but Neely caught him and locked him in the Boston Crab. Horny entered the ring and distracted Neely. Meanwhile, Finlay picked up the shillelagh used it as a weapon behind the ref’s back and got the pin… [C]

The WWE 24/7 classic segment featured and vs. and Sid Justice… J.R. reminded viewers that ECW is moving to 8 p.m. CT permanently beginning next week…

2. defeated in a non-title match in 3:30. Striker said young women everywhere can look up to McCool because she knows grappling moves. No, really. He forgot to tell us that she knows and everything. She’s like a female or something. Late in the match, Maryse caught Michelle up top and then played to the crowd before DDT’ing her for the win…

The announcers hyped the pay-per-view and ran through the matches… and Teddy Long walked onto the stage. Henry complained that Hardy never pinned him to win the ECW Title. “Because he can’t pin me and he’ll never pin me,” Henry hollered. Henry vowed to leave Hardy laying at the pay-per-view and said proclaimed that he is still the World’s Strongest Champion… The announcers hyped the main event…

3. squashed Chase Stevens in 1:40. After Knox plowed through Stevens and headed toward the back, ’s music played and he past Knox on the stage with a smile on his face. Swagger attacked Stevens. ran out for the save. Knox came back to the ring and distracted Dreamer. Swagger hit his finisher on Dreamer and then smiled for the camera…

Split-screen shots aired of John Morrison and The Miz…

4. John Morrison vs. The Miz ended in a double countout in 11:13. In a laugh out loud moment, JR said, “Nice hat there Miz.” Striker followed up perfectly with, “I wonder if it comes in men’s.” Both men exchanged chain wrestling holds in the opening moments in the match. The action tumbled to the floor and the show went to commercial… [C]

[Overrun] Miz had Morrison on the mat with a reverse chinlock coming back from commercial. Both men exchanged covers for two counts. Morrison tried to pin Miz with his feet on the ropes but the referee saw it. Miz hit the backbreaker/Russian leg sweep combination for a nearfall.

Both men hit some impressive moves and there were multiple nearfalls. Miz and Morrison went to the top. It looked like Miz was going for a top rope bulldog but Morrison pushed him off and fell with him. They landed awkwardly. The referee counted to ten as both men remained lying on the canvas…

After the match, Ricky Ortiz came out and hit his splash on both men before retreating to the back..

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