Kurt Angle Speaks Bad About a Number of TNA Topics

– In an interview with the UK Sun, former TNA World Champion Kurt Angle took TNA to task on a number of different issues within the company.  Below are some of the highlights:

TNA Gimmicks and Match Stipulations: “Being in TNA is exciting and frustrating at the same time.  We’ve been doing a good job but what we need to do right now is to simplify things. We get a little bit too complicated with our gimmick matches and run-ins.  I’ve spoken to the bookers, writers and owners of TNA and said: “Listen. Wrestling is very simple, keep it simple.”

Why TNA Overindulges in Gimmicks: “TNA do it because we want to be different from WWE and innovative. But what happens is sometimes we are, but then sometimes we are too old school.  Let’s face it, a tar and feather match today wouldn’t go over too well. But we’ve actually done that.  That’s a 1960’s match, this is 2008. We’re in an MMA world. Fans want to see mano a mano. One on one. Let’s go at it.  We call ourselves Total Nonstop Action Wrestling. We say: “TNA – we are wrestling.” No we’re not. We’re f***ing gimmick matches.”

TNA Protecting Talent: “At the last PPV, No Surrender, we had a triple threat main event between me, Christian Cage and Samoa Joe.  We had a great match, but Samoa Joe won because Jeff Jarrett came in and hit me with a guitar. I would have won if Jeff didn’t do that.   I believe that Joe should have kicked my ass and Christian’s ass and won straight up and then afterwards Jeff could have come in or even waited until the next night on TV and attacked me.   I’m trying to make our younger guys more popular.  I let AJ beat me the last four times we wrestled for a reason. To make him a bigger star.   I wanted Joe to beat me and Christian at the PPV to make him a bigger star.  But what’s been happening is we have run-ins to create the wins, so I get protected.  I don’t want to be protected and I don’t need to be protected.  I’m having a real struggle with it.  We need to back up and realize who we are and what we’re trying to get across.   We have the best wrestlers in the world, WWE can’t compare.  But how do we use them to our advantage? By simply wrestling, because that’s what they’re good at.”

King of the Mountain: “You have to put the belt on the hook, but before you do that you have to pin somebody. If you get pinned then you end up in the penalty box. When you get out the penalty box you’re still eligible to win as long as you pin somebody and then put that belt up on the hook. It’s like holy s***, it’s too f***ing confusing.”