WWE RAW Results – September 22, 2008

– Tonight’s 800th episode of WWE’s Monday Night RAW kicks off with us seeing the World Heavyweight Championship hanging from the sky above a ladder that is in the ring. The ring hits and out comes the current Champion, Chris Jericho. Michael Cole welcomes us to RAw from Cincinnati tonight as Jericho enters the ring.

Jericho climbs to the top of the ladder, the lights go down and the crowd starts to boo him like crazy. Jericho just sits there and looks out at the crowd with a smirk on his face. They start to chant HBK’s name. Jericho says leave it to HBK to once again try and rewrite history. Jericho goes on and says he is an honest man, a good man and always tells the truth. He says he has won 3 separate Championships in a Ladder Match. Jericho says at No Mercy, when the match is over, the very last thing we will see is him grabbing his belt and still the World Heavyweight Champion.

Jericho says he is too good and better than Shawn Michaels. The music hits and out comes Randy Orton with a serious look on his face. Orton stalks towards the ring, leering at Jericho, who is still on the ladder.

Orton enters the ring and Jericho speaks first, saying it was a matter of time before Orton came out to speak to him. Orton says if it weren’t for him kicking CM Punk in the head, Jericho wouldn’t be Champion. Orton says the winner of the Ladder Match doesn’t matter because whoever wins and is Champion after No Mercy will be running on borrowed time. Jericho tells Orton he talks a lot of trash but doesn’t back it up. Jericho says he has a big mouth and is a big dreamer. Jericho asks what’s stopping him from punching Orton in the mouth right now. He says punching HBK’s wife was an accident but with Orton it will be on purpose. Orton says he isn’t going to do a damn thing to him because he talked to Mike Adamle today. Orton said he is the future of this business and needs to be protected so Adamle ruled Orton can’t hit anybody and nobody can hit him either or they are suspended immediatley. Orton says in other words, he is untouchable.

Orton says when you’re a third generation Superstar and the future, you get what you want. Jericho says he also gets what he wants and it’s out of here. He tells Orton good luck and to get well soon. Jericho waks off and Orton tells him he will be Champion again, and long after Jericho’s days in this business are over. Orton tells Jericho to take the ladder with him and tosses it over the top rope to the entrance way. Out comes CM Punk.

CM Punk walks towards the ring with a fierce look on his face, locking eyes with Randy Orton. Punk comes nose to nose with Orton and the two have an intense moment in the middle of the ring. Punk slaps Orton and then slaps him again. Orton backs into the turnbuckle and Punk yells at him. Out comes Mike Adamle yelling at them to stop it.

Adamle tells Punk he just violated one of his orders and is now suspended as a result of his actions, indefinitely and immediately.Out comes Shane McMahon, jogging to the ring to a huge ovation! Adamle looks shocked!

Shane asks Punk to step back for a minute. He addresses Adamle and says what Punk just did was what we call a receipt. Shane says he is officially overruling Punk’s suspension and the crowd goes nuts. Randy Orton gets in Shane’s face, asking what does he think he is doing. Shane tells Randy to cool down. Shane says he can come out and change the rules if he wants. Shane says Adamle’s rule of nobody can touch Randy Orton begins now. Shane asks Orton to leave the ring and he does after some eyes towards CM Punk.

Shane tells Punk since he’s fired up, he will face Cody Rhodes tonight. Shane says he can see it coming out of Adamle’s mind and announces tonight’s main event will be Chris Jericho and JBL teaming up to take on Batista and Shawn Michaels. Shane dances around and leaves for the back as we get ready for a break.

CM Punk vs. Cody Rhodes
Back from commercial and CM Punk is in the ring ready for the opening match. Out next is one half of the World Tag Team Champions, Cody Rhodes. The two taunt each other after the bell rings and lock up and hit the ropes.

Cody locks Punk in a headlock and catches him with a big right hand. Punk knocks him down with a forearm shot and then hits a big spinning elbow. Cody dumps Punk to the floor as the match is off to a dull start until Punk kicks Cody and knocks him to the floor also. The ref begins his count as Punk works over Cody on the floor.

Cody hits a cross body off the top on Punk for a 2 count. Punk gets on top of him and unloads with fists and then hits some kicks. Punk hits Cody in the back with a nasty kick and more right hands. Cody whips Punk into the turnbuckle and drops a big knee on him for another 2 count. Punk goes for the GTS but Cody slides out of it and goes to the floor as we go to commercial break.

Back from commercial and Cody Rhodes is working on the left leg of CM Punk and has been during the commercial break they show. Rhodes is driving his own knee into Punk’s leg. Punk gets up and starts hitting Cody with knees and applies an ankle lock of his own, Kurt Angle style. Cody tries to get to the ropes and finally makes it to break the hold.

Punk backhand slaps Cody a few times and nails some more kicks. Punk hits the running knee in the corner but gets his bulldog blocked by Cody. Punk catches him in the GTS, nails it and gets the pinfall for the win.
Winner: CM Punk

After the match, Punk is getting to his feet with Manu and Ted DiBiase rush the ring and beat Punk down. Kofi Kingston comes running out and sends DiBiase, Manu and Rhodes to the floor. The two sides taunt each other asthe Tag Champions and Manu make their exit. We go back to another commercial break.

– Back from commercial and we see some of the Cincinnati Bengals in the crowd. We cut to the SmackDown Rebound of this week.

– Backstage we see Mike Adamle and Shane McMahon. Mike says he is kind of embarrassed that Shane overruled his decision. Shane tells him he is doing a good job. In comes Kane. Kane tells Shane-y hello. Kane says he wants Mysterio. Adamle says he has already made the match and it will be Kane vs. Mysterio at No Mercy. Kane leaves and tells Shane to say hi to his mother for him. Adamle asks if Kane knows Shane’s mom and Shane talks about their past with him Tombstoning her among other things.

– We see Kelly Kelly talking to some kind of ring crew guy it looks like. Beth Phoenix and Santino Marella walk up. Santino has a brace on his head covering his nose and looks ridiculous. Santino starts picking on Batista and turns around where The Animal is standing behind him. Beth tels Batista what he did last week to them, she is going to take it out on Kelly Kelly tonight and if he gets involved Santino will take care of it. Santino’s music hits and he mumbles “thank god” but says Batista is lucky they’re playing his music for his match. Back to commercial.

Santino Marella vs. Deuce
Santino Marella is in the ring with Beth Phoenix. He has the Honk-A-Meter put back up on the screen and he is now at 5 weeks. The music hits and out comes Deuce in his RAW debut. The crowd is quit as all can be.

Santino says before they start the match, he has something to say. He hopes Batista is watching because if he messes with him, he will beat him like he is going to beat Fonzie here. Deuce and Santino lock up after the bell rings and Santino looks crazy with this nose guard on. Deuce slams Santino face first in the turnbuckle and starts nailing Santino in the face with rights and knees.

Deuce drops a right hand on Santino for a 2 count. They go back and forth at it for a bit and out of nowhere Santino gets a roll up on Deuce for the win.
Winner: Santino Marella

After the match, Santino gets on the mic at the entrance and said that’s the first win for Glamarella tonight. He says Kelly Kelly… Kelly will get beat by Beth tonight. She comes out and tries to kisses him but hurts his nose.

– Backstage we see Evan Bourne and Rey Mysterio talking things over as Bourne makes his way to the ring for his match with Kane. We cut to another break.

Kane vs. Evan Bourne
The pyro explodes and Kane comes out to the ring first. Evan Bourne, representing ECW, is out next and hits the ring. Kane has a monster look on his face as we get ready for the bell to ring. Bourne leaps over Kane and kicks him in the head. Bourne slides under Kane’s legs and kicks him in the head again.

Kane finally gets ahold of Bourne for some fists but Bourne slides away again with more kicks. Kane catches him again and drops him. Bourne gets Kane on the mat and stomps on him and kicks him to keep him down. Bourne kicks the knees of Kane and tries to pull him to the mat but can’t bring him down as Kane knocks him back. Bourne with another dropkick and another kick to Kane in the corner. Kane drops Bourne on the apron and gets caught on the ropes after he misses a big boot. Bourne knocks Kane to the floor and flies off the top rope onto the floor ontop of Kane. Kane rolls in the ring as the ref begins his 10 count.

Bourne comes back in the ring with a double knee to the chin but only gets a 1 count. Kane hits a massive right hand and goes to work on Bourne in the corner. Kane catches him off the ropes with a huge backbreaker, picks him up and slams him back down on his knee two more times. Kane runs Bourne’s back into the turnbuckle and slams him back down on the mat with a powerslam. Kane now stands over Bourne and taunts him.

Kane lifts Bourne up and drops him with a huge chokeslam, covers him and gets the pinfall for the win.
Winner: Kane

After the match, Kane goes to do something to Bourne again when Rey Mysterio rushes the ring. Rey hits a couple moves but gets knocked out of the air by Kane, hitting the mat hard. Kane hits Rey with a few right hands and lifts him up for a massive chokeslam. Kane stands over Rey, calling him a coward that hides behind a mask. Kane’s music hits and he exits the ring area as the referee checks on Rey Mysterio down in the ring.

Jamie Noble is backstage begging Shane McMahon for a shot at William Regal when Dolph Ziggler walks up and introduces himself to the both of them. Randy Orton walks up and Shane asks Noble to excuse them. Orton says don’t take what happened earlier the wrong way, but what he did was not cool. Orton says it would be a shame if somehow, some way, they got on each others bad sides. Shane agrees and reminds Orton is he is 4th generation. Shane walks off as we go to commercial.

WWE Women’s Champion Beth Phoenix vs. Kelly Kelly
Back from commercial and Beth Phoenix and Santino Marella make their way to the ring first. Out next is Kelly Kelly. Beth takes control as soon as the bell rings and starts hitting Kelly with big hands. Beth misses a running forearm in the corner and Kelly fights back.

Kelly does a nice move off the corner but Beth catches her in the air on the next move. Beth ends up with Kelly on the mat, working on her shoulder and neck, yelling something about Batista. Backstage we see Candice Michelle watching the match on a monitor.

Kelly fights back with forearms and nails a dropkick on Beth followed by another takedown. Kelly comes off the top with a cross body for 2 count. Kelly comes off the ropes and Santino grabs her foot. She turns around and he gets on the apron. Beth almost nails Santino but stops. Kelly rolls Beth up for the pinfall and the win and this non-title match!
Winner: Kelly Kelly

After the match, Beth grabs Kelly and holds her from behind as Santino gets in her face. Out comes Batista. Beth starts talking trash to him while Santino comes from the side and nails a few punches. Batista hits him in his nose and lays Santino out with a spear.

– Michael Cole leads us to a video package of the WWE.com beef between Cryme Tyme and John Morrison & The Miz.

The Miz and John Morrison vs. Cryme Tyme
Back from commercial and John Morrison makes his way to the ring first followed by his tag team partner The Miz. Out next is Cryme Tyme to a pretty nice pop from the crowd. Cryme Tyme get the crowd hyped up as we get ready to go.

Morrison and JTG start the match off. JTG forces him back in the corner some which starts some taunting. Miz sneaks in the ring and lays JTG out while the ref’s back is turned. JTG fights back on Morrison and gets a 2 count. Shad gets tagged in, comes from behind and lifts Morrison over his head and drops him to the mat. Miz comes in and gets dropped by a big elbow.

Miz fights back but gets leveled by big Shad again and sent to the floor where Morrison is. JTG runs off the ropes and Shad launches him over the top rope onto Miz and Morrison on the floor we RAW goes back to commercial break.

Back from commercial and Morrison has JTG on the mat after Miz regained control for their team during the break. JTG rolls Morrison up for a 2 count and gets kicked hard by Morrison as Miz comes back in. They do a double team move with Miz leaping on JTG in the corner and getting a 2 count. Miz applies a chinlock as the crowd rallies.

JTG fights back and tries to tag in Shad but Miz pulls him back to their corner and tags in Morrison. Miz comes back in and they try to double team but he slides out of it and tags in Shad who comes in and cleans house. He lifts Morrison in and slams him face first into the mat and then drops Miz. Shad hits a huge powerslam on Miz but gets a 2 count as Morrison comes off the top ropes. Miz takes advantage and gets a very close 2 count on Shad. Shad lifts Miz up and drops him on his face with a huge slam and covers for another 2 count.

On the floor, Morrison throws JTG into the steel post, laying him out. Morrison gets on the apron and kicks Shad in the back of the head while the ref’s back is turned, letting Miz get the pinfall and the win.
Winners: John Morrison and The Miz

– Miz and Morrison celebrate in the ring as Michael Cole goes over tonight’s main event with Batista and HBK vs. JBL and Chris Jericho as we go back to commercial.

– Back from commercial and Chris Jericho is backstage talking to Mike Adamle, with Lance Cade behind him. Jericho talks about Shane and then says he wants to talk about tonight’s main event with Adamle. We cut to Lawler and Cole who go over the WWE No Mercy card.

– We cut to a clip of earlier today where Charlie Haas was at a “Dave and Busters” restaurant. Haas says he is there to pay tribute to one of his favorites, WWE Hall of Famer Mr. Perfect, and holds up a DVD. Haas throws on a blonde wig and says you can call this a Perfect Tribute. They show him doing various things like shooting basketball, playing air hockey, and I’m not finding it funny at all. The last one shows a waitress throwing a football at Haas or something. He says this can only prove, there is only one Mr. Perfect. They show another stupid little segment and that’s that. Not good at all, man.

– Back from commercial and Lilian Garcia is talking to a ring crew guy at the ring. Lilian informs us this match will now be a 2 on 3 Handicap match.

Chris Jericho, JBL and Lance Cade vs. Shawn Michaels and Batista
Chris Jericho and Lance Cade come out for this match first, now that Adamle has changed the stips. Out next is their partner JBL. Batista is out next followed by Shawn Michaels to a huge pop.

HBK and Cade start the match out and the two brawl with each other for a minute. Cade throws HBK into the turnbuckle but he comes right back out with big fists. JBL lays out HBK with a clothesline as the ref isn’t looking. Jericho comes in and goes to work on HBK.

Jericho continues to unleash on HBK as the ref tells him to back off. HBK comes out of the corner with big knife chops to “Whoooo” chants from the crowd. HBK gets knocked back to the mat as JBL comes in and lets loose with big right hands of his own, a big boot and a neckbreaker. JBL drops an elbow on HBK for a 2 count.

HBK finally counters JBL and takes him to the mat but Lance Cade gets tagged back in and goes to work on HBK in the corner with kicks and punches. The ref gets distracted and HBK gets choked by Jericho on the ropes. JBL gets tagged back in and stomps away on HBK who is down in the corner. JBL hits HBK with a big boot off the ropes and takes a cheap shot at Batista on the apron. Jericho hits HBK from behind and JBL gets a 2 count.

HBK fights back and counters a fall away slam by JBL. Both HBK and JBL are down as the crowd gets ready for the hot tag. Batista and Jericho get tagged in at the same time as Batista backs Jericho in the corner with shoulder thrusts and a big clothesline.

Batista nails a spine buster on Jericho and knocks Cade off the apron. Batista scoops up Jericho, tags in HBK and slams him down. HBK comes off the top rope with a big elbow drop on Jericho. HBK gets ready for Sweet Chin Music but Jericho ducks it. Jericho goes for Walls of Jericho but HBK turns it into a 2 count.

HBK counters the Codebreaker. Batista and JBL brawl in the ring with Batista getting dumped outside to the floor. Batista spears JBL on the floor. Jericho hits a bulldog on HBK but misses the Lionsault. Cade tags himself in but gets knocked down by a HBK forearm. HBK goes for Sweet Chin Music but Jericho rolls out of the ring. HBK turns around and Cade hits him with his sitdown powerbomb to get the pinfall and the win on HBK!

Winners: Lance Cade, Chris Jericho and Batista