Paul Heyman On WWE: “Nothing Feels Young Or Vibrant”

Paul Heyman is very critical of the current WWE product in his new blog for the UK Sun. “Nothing feels young and vibrant. Even Ted DiBiase Jr. and Cody Rhodes, who are in their early 20s and are already fantastic in their roles, have haircuts and ring attire that can be worn by people in their mid-30s. Randy Orton? Best young talent in the industry today, and yet if he were 40 years old, he’d wear the same clothes and style.”

Heyman also noted that WWE officials are only concerned with pleasing Vince McMahon. “The reason is because too many people inside the organization are not concerned with the reaction of the ticket buying crowd, they’re instead trying to solely appease WWE chairman Vince McMahon… The problem is that WWE, from the conception to the implementation of all ideas is in a rut because everything is based on an audience of one.” To read the full blog, visit the UK Sun blog. reports that the producers/agents and creative team members had fallen into the trap of trying to please Vince because it’s easier to do that than fight him while trying to cater to the target demographic.

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