Angle Speaks on MMA-Wrestling, BFG Matches, Foley, More

– Mick Foley made his first TNA television appearance on last night’s Impact as Jeff Jarrett introduced him after being challenged to a match at Bound for Glory by Kurt Angle. Regarding Foley’s appearance, the TNA website wrote: “How will the landscape of TNA Wrestling change with Foley’s debut? What does Foley have to do with the problems between Jarrett and Angle?” They also added: “Expect more big news on Foley and TNA Wrestling on next Thursday’s broadcast!” Foley did not appear at Wednesday’s Impact taping as he was not in the building. If he ends up appearing on next week’s Impact, it’ll be in a pre-taped video segment.

– SLAM! Wrestling has an article on Kurt Angle saying he prefers pro wrestling to MMA. “In wrestling, there’s a story in every match. In MMA, you cannot tell that story,” Angle said. “There is not story in a ‘shoot’ fight — you either get knocked out, choked out, tapped out, or you make it and the referee decides who wins by decision. It becomes very difficult to tell a story in a worked shoot.” Angle believes the unpredictability makes MMA less appealing than pro wrestling. “I believe pro wrestling will always be around,” Angle said. “People like to lose that touch of reality for a couple of hours and watch the show and have fun. Going out there, and cutting a promo, or heeling in a match and the crowd are booing you, and they’re becoming emotionally involved — that’s what makes it fun. Wrestling’s a beautiful art. I’m a big MMA fan, and I think wrestling’s way better.”

– The TNA website has officially announced three matches for next month’s Bound for Glory pay-per-view, which is scheduled to take place on October 12. Joe will be wrestling Sting over the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. TNA will be holding a Steel Asylum match again, which has a number of X Division wrestlers battling inside a steel dome trying to escape. Kaz won the first one back in May at Sacrifice. There is also scheduled to be a Tag Team Invitational tournament. Abyss & Matt Morgan, Team 3D have already been announced, with more names to come.