New Details on WWE’s Legends of WrestleMania Video Game

– Some new details on WWE’s Legends of WrestleMania video game which comes out next year, courtesy of Ian Dean and Playstation World UK:

* The game is described as more “fun” than “real.”

* Gameplay will have a simple four-button combo system. Melee attack, grapple, Irish Whip and reversal are all performed on the main buttons.

* Unlike previous WWE releases, the game does have a health bar that goes from solid gold to bright red, at which point your opponent can be pinned. Under the health bar are three numbers that represent your combo strings and determine the grapple moves you can do. If you land a couple of punches and kicks, then move into a headlock via a well-placed flying elbow, this will ping the number all the way to ‘2’ enabling you to perform a crunching body slam. Further un-countered combos will light up the ‘3’ and send the crowd wild .This is when you can access your wrestler’s signature moves and finish the fight. As you attempt to land your combos, the screen will flash prompting your opponent to hit his counter button. Get the timing wrong and you’ll be reversed and put in all kinds of pain. It’s a simple set-up, but one that’s accessible and wholly relies on the risk/reward of combos and counters.

* The wrestlers have been remodeled and aren’t realistically rendered Superstars, but they’re bigger, larger than life seeming and “hulking cartoon brutes.” The rings also look smaller with the camera kept low and zoomed in on the action. The view rarely pans out and when it does, reveals the crowd featuring fans in Bret Hart t-shirts with Hulkamania foam fingers.

* Your opponent isn’t your only adversary either, as the Eighties and Nineties-era Wrestlemania was a time of cheats and scoundrels, people Gran could shout at. The likes of Andre the Giant had helpers. In the Giant’s case, it was manager Bobby “The Brain” Heenan. In the game, Bobby is on hand to deliver a sneaky blow. If you get thrown into a corner, Bobby will grab your feet and pull you over, leaving you vulnerable to attack. You can keep him in check, smacking him off the ropes if he gets too close. Again, balance will be the key to whether these sidekicks become frustrating or a playful addition.