The Dog Pound – Both Stocks and Ratings Plummet…

First of all, let me just say I’m sorry for not having posted lately. I am on the verge of moving into my own apartment for the first time, and have been putting a lot of energy into that. But, here I am, and today I want to talk about just how low this weeks Raw ratings were, and really just what a sad episode I thought it was. Bare with me guys because today is a column where I feel some rants coming along!

I also just realized I have yet to comment on our NEW World Heavyweight Champion Chris Jericho. I LOVE IT! I really feel that Chris Jericho has stepped up his game since re-inventing his character. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that John Cena, Randy Orton, and Triple H are all off of Raw. In all seriousness though I am SO happy that Jericho gets another run with the title.

Which brings me to my next few points. Although I am very pleased that anyone but Batista, Cena, JBL, etc got another run with the title, I am also a bit annoyed that CM Punk’s reign has come to an end. The WWE spent the entire time making him fight not to be a “paper champion” but in my opinion, they never really let him break that perception. Sure, clean wins over JBL and Edge were good, but he never really got the chance to stand out above Batista, Cena, JBL, etc. I believe they cut his reign short and would have loved a one on one fued with Jericho.

Which makes me think…why in the world did the cage match start Raw? I think this was horrible booking. No way should the former champion who’s getting his rematch, and a new champ trying to solidify his new reign ever open a show. Unless they had the proper build-up, with promos backstage beforehand or something of that nature. This time, they came out, westled, and left. No real hype, no smack talk, no real selling either of the supposed “concussion” Punk suffered from.

I think that the cage match was the selling point of the show, and having it right off the bat seemed to kill any momentum the crowd had. I feel like these two guys didn’t get enough time to really even develop a story in the ring. They have very good chemistry with one another, but sadly I think that was all lost on Monday. It almost seemed like it was rushed; like, get them in and out to move on with the show. Well, what else did we get?

Ah yes, JBL versus Tommy Dreamer. What a clinic these two put on. I mean I was on the edge of my seat with anticipation the whole time. Sadly, I was anticipating the end. Nothing against Dreamer, and really nothing against JBL, but this match had no story and nothing behind it. It was just another match for Dreamer to job in, and JBL to claim victory in. I don’t mind JBL but I feel that with Cena out, they have picked him to fill up that extra camera time. Stop WWE. JBL gets annoying and with each passing week his promos become more and more monotone.

Candice Michelle facing Jillian was also nothing special. The sad thing here is that Jillian (Hall) can wrestle but unfortunately has been reduced to a comedic heel based on nothing but her gimmick. Candice has improved greatly as well, and while her match against Phoenix should be interesting, I don’t feel it has been built up enough quite yet. Perhaps getting Candice on the mic a bit might help.

Let me just say, I enjoy “Team Priceless” and even Manu is beginning to grow on me; but this match did nothing for me. Shouldn’t Kofi be going after the IC title to regain it? Is it just me or does Kofi’s push appear to be diminishing week by week? I do however like this new thing where Charlie Haas steals other gimmicks. Its nice to hear Haas get some decent pops now, hopefully WWE sees how much fun they can have with this angle.

Speaking of things not making sense; Jamie Noble versus Paul Birchill? Now, I am a fan of both these guys; Noble in RoH was amazing, and I have always thought Birchill is a future World Champion. Again though, a match with no story. I am intrigued as to where the Noble/Layla/Regal story is going, but sadly Birchill had to be the one to job. Where’s Funaki when you need him?

Then, we get to the main event. This is one storyline that in my opinion has been damaged beyond repair. Kane supposedly “disfigured” Mysterio and took him hostage. Mysterio however has since come back unscarred, and unafraid. I don’t feel that this should have been the main event. The angle was damaged the minute Mysterio took Cena’s place in the Scramble. And sadly, again Kane has to suffer from a failed storyline.

Kane has always been the recipient of failed angles by the writing team. Katie Vick anyone? Unmasking, and turning out to be “burned and scarred…psychologically” the 24-hour WWE title reign; I could go on. Kane has also been one of WWE’s most consistent and dedicated performers and it appears he always gets the raw end of the deal, no pun intended.

This Monday’s Raw got a 2.6 cable rating. This is the lowest drop in the last 10 years. Ten years! Not since just prior to the Monday night Wars has the ratings dropped so low. I ask you, what could be the cause? Could it be that this weeks show was full of nothing back matches with no stories? We did get one amazing thing however at the end of the show. A dream match of mine as Chris Jericho and Shawn Michaels will square off in a Ladder Match at No Mercy!

People, it doesn’t get any better than that. A ladder match between two of the most athletic and charismatic wrestlers alive today. Now that, is a main event!


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