Big Problems for Jeff Hardy?

– We were told earlier in the day that there was an issue with WWE Superstar Jeff Hardy at the Nashville International Airport as he was heading home today from last night’s WWE SmackDown tapings.

We are still triple sourcing the details because we want to be 100% correct before we go with this story, so stay tuned for more details.





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  • Cint

    OMG, Dudes spill…

    Seriously you have me at the edge of my seat here, am i HAVE [yes HAVE] to know whats going on…

    Please!.. im swear im going to cry! The worst things imaginable are going through my head right now, so hurry on with the triple sourcing and tell us!…

    Sorry… for being pushy i absolutly must know!..

  • jeffhardyfan

    I agree

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