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Jim Ross: SmackDown Edits, Manu, Austin, More

Posted by Marc Middleton in WWE News
Monday, September 15th, 2008

is back with yet another blog update over at Here are some of the highlights:

– JR on The Rattlesnake: Stone Cold , who I have recruited to become an OU football fan,  and I did some texting during the Sooner game as he kept me updated on the Ohio State game.  Steve is getting ready to begin production on a movie project soon and enjoys his Saturdays watching college football. Some can’t understand why many of us prefer the college game over the NFL but growing up in traditional college football hotbeds like Oklahoma and Texas make the college game so much more personal. I love the NFL but if forced to make a choice I would pick the college game any day. For those of you that are interested and in the spirit of perpetrating more rumors, Stone Cold is reportedly in awesome, physical condition as he prepares for his film role which will apparently be physically demanding. No, this doesn’t mean that Austin is returning to the ring any time soon. Or does it??

– JR on SmackDown edits: I read a blurb on the ‘net about Smackdown “edits” which struck me as somewhat unique. These “edits” are done every week for the record with some weeks more prominent than others.  It just didn’t seem like much of a news item but it certainly proved that many fans really pay close attention to the product and some have ample free time.    I do audio fixes from home late night every Wednesday for Friday Night Smackdown which isn’t big news either and simply goes with the territory of broadcasting a program “live to tape.”

– JR on : speaks….the son of WWE HOF’er Afa the Wild Samoan mentioned that he was a college man on his first promo as best I recall which might clear up the confusion as to the differences in the persona’s of and . I really liked Manu’s ring attire the Raw after Manu’s PPV debut. Manu was a highly recruited defensive lineman coming out of high school and was courted by most teams in the Big East among others.

– JR on other second and third generation wrestlers: Speaking of second, make that 3rd generation wrestlers, it looks as if both sons of Mike Rotundo and the grandsons of Blackjack Mulligan will sign with the WWE as the younger Taylor has apparently inked a developmental deal while Wyndham is playing football at Troy University starting at center in the O-Line.  Some younger fans don’t remember or know just how good a two sport athlete Mike “IRS” Rotundo was at Syracuse. Mike was a defensive lineman and a heavyweight wrestler which made Rotundo one of the best, two sport athletes to ever compete at Syracuse. The WWE signing kids with a wrestling legacy and a basic understanding of the biz is smart,  long term thinking in my view. Being a 2nd or 3rd generation competitor is no guarantee for success but it damn sure doesn’t hurt.


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