TNA No Surrender Results – September 14, 2008

TNA No Surrender Results – 9/14/2008
General Motors Centre in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada

– Sting’s music and entrance video starts after Tenay & West finish with the formal introduction. Sting makes his way down the entrance ramp. The fans chant ‘TNA’ as the lights are out and Sting is in the ring with the microphone. Sting says before he gets to the state of pro wrestling that he can’t say how good it feels to be back in Canada. Sting pauses for ‘you’re a legend’ chants. He tries to speak but the chants overpower his voice. Sting thanks the fans in attendance. He says that he has finalized contract negotiations so at next month’s Bound For Glory pay-per-view that he will face the winner of tonight’s Four Ways to Glory match for the TNA Championship. He says now he wants to talk about the issues that he knows people wish that he would just shut up about. He says he can’t… he pauses and says that tonight you’re going to see some of the best talent in the world today. Sting says that just because you have talent doesn’t mean that you are the best at the game or the best at life. He says that as a good friend once told him you got to walk the walk if you’re going to talk the talk. He harps on respect.

Sting says there are some true men in TNA but there are also some snotty nose little brats. He says he took his cause to Canada because 10 years ago someone fought for the same cause that he did. He said one of the greatest legends of all time… Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart. Sting says that he is going to take where Bret left off. He says that he will not retire until guys like Joe and AJ know what respect is all about.

– Footage is shown of Christian Cage getting out of his car, carrying his luggage.

– Mike Tenay says that TNA management did everything in their power to get Booker T to Canada tonight but it was impossible. Tenay wishes everyone on the Gulf Coast well in their recovery efforts. West and Tenay run down tonight’s card.

– They then run down tonight’s card.

Challenge Match
The Rock N’ Rave Infection vs. The Prince Justice Brotherhood

Christy Hemme gets on the microphone and does her usual introduction for the Rock N’ Rave Infection. The Superheroes come out to the ring next.

Jimmy Rave and Super Eric start things out. They lockup as Eric sends Jimmy to the mat. Jimmy counters with a side headlock, Eric counters with a drop toe hold. Rave off the ropes but Eric counters. Rave ends up falling to the outside, Eric connects on a suicide dive to the outside. Super Eric throws him back in the ring and goes off the top for a missile dropkick and a two count.

Rave tags in Lance Rock. They attempt a double team but Eric counters and tags in Shark Boy. Shark Boy goes at it with Rock as Eric gets back in a connects dropkick. Shark Boy gets a two count, Rock makes a tag.

Shark Boy works over Jimmy Rave in the corner. He tags in Curry Man. Curry Man delivers headbutts to Jimmy Rave. Curry Man forces a tag to Christy Hemme. Christy applies a headlock on Curry Man. Christy works over Curry Man and goes for a cross-body off the top rope. Curry Man catches her. Shark Boy tags in and Jimmy Rave does as well. Rave sends Shark Boy over the top rope to the outside. Lance Rock works Shark Boy over on the outside.

Rave gets a two count on Shark Boy back in the ring. He tags in Lance Rock. They double team Shark Boy with a double elbow drop. Rock works over Shark Boy with right hands followed by a headlock. Out of nowhere Shark Boy goes for the stunner but Rock and Rave work over Shark Boy. Rock tags in Christy Hemme as she gets on his shoulders. She goes off and onto Shark Boy. Curry Man is tagged in, he takes out Rock and Rave.

Curry Man hits the Tokyo Dangerous backbreaker on Jimmy Rave. He kisses Hemme and gets a two count as she smiles like she likes it. Lance Rock drives Curry Man down while Christy goes off the top rope and gets a two count. Super Eric makes the save. Now Eric and Lance are going at it in the corner. Eric positions him on the top but is thrown off. Shark Boy goes for the stunner on Rave but he counters out. Christy smacks Shark Boy then eats the stunner.

Eric puts Lance Rock and Jimmy Rave on his back for a double Death Valley driver. That enables the Prince Justice Brotherhood to get the pinfall as Curry Man tends to Christy Hemme in the ring.

Winners – The Prince Justice Brotherhood

Falls Count Anywhere Match
ODB vs. Awesome Kong

The following match is a Falls Count Anywhere match. Awesome Kong comes out first with Raisha Saeed. ODB comes out and grabs a beer from a fan. She starts to chug it as she is attacked by Raisha Saeed on the outside. Now Kong grabs her and puts her in the ring.

Kong chops away at ODB. Whipped off the ropes, ODB falls victim to an Awesome Kong clothesline. Kong goes air born off the ropes, but nobody’s home as she gets out of the way. ODB gets a table from the under the ring. ODB connects a soft table shot on the back of the head of Kong. ODB sets the table up in the corner of the ring and tries to whip Kong into it. Kong counters and takes ODB to her feet.

ODB goes to the outside to re-group, Kong follows. ODB dumps Kong over the crowd control rail to work in the crowd. The crowd chants TNA as the fight ensues in the crowd. It looks like ODB is getting the better of it as Raisha Saeed watches from the ring. ODB picks up a full garbage can and dumps it on Kong. Kong grabs the garbage can and putts it on top of ODB. Kong take ODB and tosses her out of the crowd and onto the entrance ramp. Scoop slam from Kong onto ODB at the bottom of the ramp. Two count.

Kong has ODB by the hair as she takes her down to the ring. ODB tries to fight back but it doesn’t work. Kong hits hard chops on ODB into the steel ring post. Kong charges at ODB but ODB gets out of the way. ODB bangs Kong’s head off the steel ring steps. ODB jumps on Kong and gets a two count.

ODB gives Kong a slap to the butt as she gets a chair. ODB sets it up in the turnbuckles, Kong is still on the outside. Kong gets on the apron on the other side of the ring. ODB walks over and they fight on the apron. Kong gets back in the ring. They reverse whips. ODB gets out of the way, sending Kong face first into the steel chair in the turnbuckles. ODB gets a two count.

ODB grabs the table that was setup in another corner. ODB pulls the legs of the table out, setting it straight up in the ring. Kong counters ODB and goes for the Awesome Bomb. ODB counters but Kong counters again and sends ODB to the mat. Kong motions to Saeed for something.

Kong wants a chair from Saeed. This enable ODB to grab Kong and powerbomb her off the top rope onto the table. It doesn’t break! Seriously, Kong powerbombed onto the table and it didn’t break! ODB gets a two count as Saeed makes the save and drags ODB to the outside. They go at it on the outside. ODB whips Saeed into the rail.

ODB goes to the top turnbuckle, she goes off and is caught by Kong. ODB counters and nearly gets the pinfall with a roll-up on Kong. ODB goes back to the offensive on Kong. Into the corner, Kong splashes ODB.

Kong tells Saeed to get something from under the ring. Raisha Saeed grabs a table from under the ring, she can’t get it in the ring (save that for Botchomania on YouTube). Kong helps get it in the ring. Meanwhile, ODB takes a shot from her flask. ODB spits her booze in the face of Kong but Kong still catches ODB and puts her through the table. Kong gets the three count and the win in the ring.

Winner – Awesome Kong

We’re backstage with Lauren and Christian Cage. She says that many would say that Christian could be the only one focused. Christian says that this isn’t an episode of the Hills this is TNA live in Canada. Christian talks about climbing the ranks as a professional wrestler and cuts a very good emotional promo. He says that tonight that there will be No Surrender and that he will begin his third reign as TNA Champion.

Abyss & Matt Morgan vs. Team 3D

The bell rings as Brother Ray and Abyss start things out. They lockup in the ring to start the match. Both Abyss and Ray go for position. Devon grabs at Abyss’ hair from the outside, this distraction allows Ray to capitalize with elbows to the head of Abyss. Abyss finally counters with a boot, Abyss runs into an elbow. Big slam from Ray onto Abyss for a two count. Devon is tagged int. Team 3D double-teams Abyss. Devon works over Abyss with a series of rights in the ring.

Abyss tags in Morgan. They double teak Team 3D with consecutive splashes. Sideslam from The Blueprint on Devon. They team up to take out Ray. Team 3D retreats to the outside. Team 3D tries to walk out. Ray gets into it with a fan, tossing a drink on him. Matt Morgan and Abyss run down the ramp after 3D. Abyss works over Devon while Morgan works over Ray.

Abyss and Devon are in the ring, Ray comes in and clips Abyss with a chop block. Team 3D double teams Abyss. Devon, the legal man, works the leg of Abyss in the ring. Abyss gets to his feet but Devon continues to work his leg. Devon tags in Brother Ray who goes right back to the leg of Abyss.

Very loud ‘we want tables’ chants as Ray continues to work Abyss’ leg. Devon is tagged in and here comes a double team. Abyss gets out of the way and slams Ray to the mat. Slick Johnson starts the double countout. Abyss tags Morgan, he unloads on both members of Team 3D. Morgan hits Devon with a shoulder block then powers him down with a clothesline. Morgan hits a leg drop and gets a two count. Ray comes in for the save. Morgan ‘rope walks’ with Ray which draws heat from the crowd. Morgan gets a two count on Devon. In the ring, Morgan has the pin on Devon but Ray pulls him to the outside.

Johnny Devine hits the ring and lands a chairshot on Morgan. Devon got a two count but Morgan kicked out. Team 3D hits 3D on Morgan in the ring as Devon gets another two count. Double clothesline from Morgan onto Team 3D. Morgan tags in Abyss. Devine goes for a chair shot on Abyss but he gets slammed by Abyss. Abyss hits a splash on Devon in the corner. Abyss goes for the corner mount. Ray is in the ring and makes the save.

Ray gets Abyss on his shoulders, Abyss fights out. Ray gets him back on his shoulders, Devon goes off the top onto Abyss. Two count but Morgan makes the save. Morgan fights with Ray on the outside, kicking him in the head. Devon has a chair, drops it, walks right into an Abyss clothesline. Abyss gets a two count.

Abyss has a chair in his hand, the referee is looking right at him. Ray gets in, pushes Abyss to the mat. Morgan slides Ray out of the ring. Devon goes for the chair shot but Morgan comes in from behind and delivers the knockout blow on Devon. Black Hole Slam from Abyss on Devon for the pinfall victory.

Winners – Abyss & Matt Morgan

After the match Brother Ray hits a chair shot on Morgan. The winners are down as Team 3D retreat backstage with Johnny Devine. Morgan gets to his feet and thinks Abyss hit him with the chair, not Team 3D. Abyss has the chair in his hand as he and Morgan argue. Morgan gets out of the ring upset.

X Division Championship Match
Petey Williams (c) vs. Consequences Creed vs. Sheik Abdul Bashir

The bell rings with Consequences Creed going at it with Petey Williams. Sheik Abdul Bashir finally gets involved in the match but eats Creed’s attack on both him and Petey. Sheik Abdul Bashir works over Creed while Williams regroups on the apron. Bashir tries to take Williams off the apron but Williams counters and they begin to brawl on the outside. Somersault over the top rope from Consequences Creed onto Williams.

Sheik Abdul Bashir gets the upper hand on Creed but Williams gets back in the ring. Williams gets a roll-up but Creed breaks it up. Williams hits a perfect hurricanrana on Creed, sending him to the outside. Williams celebrates which allows Bashir to take him out and get Creed back in the ring for a cover for a two count.

Creed and Bashir work in the ring until both are down in the ring. Williams gets back in and goes to work on Creed. He sends Bashir down to the mat. Scoop slam from Petey onto Bashir. He hits a bulldog on Creed into the knees of Bashir. Creed & Bashir are taken out as one by Petey Williams.

Petey Williams teases a double Canadian Destroyer. Bashir tosses Consequences on the apron and ends up knocking him off. Bashir sets Williams up on the top turnbuckle. Superplex from the top rope from Bashir on Williams. Creed hits a dual leg drop off the top rope for a two count. Creed lifts Williams above his head, Bashir trips him and gets a two count on Williams.

Creed picks Bashir up and says it’s over. He counters. Williams locks Bashir in the Sharpshooter in the ring. Bashir nearly pins Creed while in the hold. Williams pulls him back, Bashir goes for the ropes. Williams blocks his attempt and brings him back to the middle. Creed goes off the top onto Williams to break the hold. He gets a two count.

Creed grabs Williams by the ankles, drives him to the mat and gets a long two count. Creed runs into an elbow from Williams in the corner. Out of nowhere, Williams hits the Canadian Destroyer on Creed. Bashir pulls him off and to the outside. Sheik Abdul Bashir steals the victory with the three count on Creed.

Winner & new X Division Champion – Sheik Abdul Bashir

TNA Knockout Women’s Championship
Taylor Wilde (c) vs. Angelina Love

The challenger, Angelina Love, comes out first with Velvet Sky and Kip James. Taylor Wilde comes out next to a tremendous pop.

Taylor Wilde gets on the mic and tells Angelina Love that she was born at night but not last night. She says that she’s not going to stand there by herself while her buddies stand by her. Taylor Wilde introduces a buddy of her own – her new best friend… Rhino.

The two women face off in the ring. They duke it out cat fight style. Love whips Taylor into the ropes, Taylor counters with a shoulder block. Wilde connects on right hands on Love’s face. Traci Brooks is shown up the ramp. Angelina Love gets tossed to the outside to re-group with Velvet. Taylor chases after her but she gets nailed with a makeup kit on the outside. Love rolls the Champion back in the ring. Angelina gets the cover and a near fall.

Angelina grabs the hair of Taylor Wilde and takes her down to the mat. Another two count. Angelina rubs the face of Wilde along the ropes. Neckbreaker from Angelina Love as she gets another two count. Taylor Wilde counters with some right hands, Love gives them back to her. Both collide in mid-air and are down. The double count out ensues.

Taylor chops the chest of Love and hits a back breaker across her knee. Two count for the Champion. Taylor goes right back after Angelina with forearms. She hits a shoulder block into the turnbuckles. Angelina is setup on the ropes but she counters and throws Wilde off in a botched front suplex.

Angelina lands an elbow and gets another two count. She argues with the referee in the ring. Love goes for her finisher but is caught in a roll-up for a two count. Love connects on a kick. Kip James hits the ring and eats Gore from Rhino. Velvet Sky grabs Taylor Wilde but Wilde gets out. Wilde hits her bridge on Angelina Love for the three count.

Winner & still TNA Knockout Women’s Champion – Taylor Wilde

Ladder of Love Match
Jay Lethal vs. Sonjay Dutt

Lethal gives Val a bouquet of roses before getting in the ring. She looks disgusted as she sets them on the table. The bell rings and the match is underway. To win the participant has to climb a ladder and grab the engagement ring above the ring.

Full nelson suplex from Lethal onto Dutt. He goes to the outside for a high risk spot. Dutt is pushed into the rail on the outside by Lethal. Mike Tenay says that Jacqueline has attacked Salinas in the bathroom and that Salinas was taken to the hospital. Lethal sets a ladder up on the rail and in the ring. He drops Dutt on it.

Lethal whips Sonjay into the rail. Dutt starts to build a counter as he sling shots his way over the top rope with a leg drop on Lethal. Lethal counters with a huge back body drop on Dutt where he goes out of the ring onto the ladder setup. Lethal sets the ladder up and starts to climb it. Dutt jumps off the rope, onto the ladder, and slams Lethal off the ladder. Dutt sets the ladder, which fell on the awesome spot, back up. Lethal grabs Dutt off the ladder and rams him into it.

Lethal gets to the top but before he can get the ring Dutt throws him off and onto another ladder setup in the ropes. Dutt goes for a forward moonsault onto Lethal but he missed – they sold it like it connected.

Dutt starts to climb the ladder. Lethal picked the other ladder off and chases Sonjay off it. Sonjay and Lethal work in the ring. Lots of fast paced stuff on the mat as Lethal catapults Sonjay into the air. He was trying to send him into the ladders, but they didn’t connect.

Lethal gets Dutt under a ladder and bangs his back off it. Lethal climbs up and reaches for the ring but Dutt pulls him off. Dutt drops Lethal in between the ladder setup in the ropes. Sonjay climbs the ladder but Lethal springboards onto him with a dropkick, knocking him off the ladder. Sonjay sets Lethal up in a tree of woe position in the corner with Lethal’s head in a ladder. Lethal lands a dropkick on the ladder. Lethal falls out after the spot.

Sonjay pulls one of the ladders to the bottom of the ramp. Sonjay gets a chair from under the ring and sets a ladder on it. Sonjay kicks Lethal in the ribs on the outside. Lethal counters out of nowhere with a chop. Dutt counters and finally drops Lethal hard on the ladder. Dutt sold that he hurt his back.

Dutt is in the ring with a ladder, setting it up. Lethal brings another ladder into play as he is in the ring as well. Dutt starts climbing his ladder while Lethal starts climbing his own. They work on the top of the ladders. Lethal is laid out across both ladders. Camel clutch applied by Dutt on Lethal. Lethal drops Dutt from the top of both ladders.

Lethal gets caught up in the ladder, the referee tries to help him. Val gets in the ring and sets him loose. Sonjay gets up and starts to argue with Val. He’s furious for her helping Lethal. Val begins to cry as Lethal crawls to Val. Lethal climbs to the top of a ladder. Lethal goes up the other side, Val delivers a blow to Lethal as Dutt grabs the ring.

Winner – Sonjay Dutt

After the match, Dutt and SoCal Val make out in the ring.

We’re backstage with Jeremy Borash and Kurt Angle. JB asks if the situation with Booker T has him down. Angle says Booker T or not things will still go down. Angle says that he is the business and that Somoa Joe isn’t even in the same category as him. Angle tells JJ that he hasn’t forgot about him because he cost him his Gold Medal and that is something that means more to him than his own kids. Angle says it’s real – it’s damn real!

TNA World Tag Team Championship Match
Beer Money, Inc. (c) vs. LAX

Homicide starts things off against Robert Roode. Roode immediately goes to the outside. He gets back in and tags in James Storm. Homicide argues with Roode who gets off the apron. Homicide lands a boot on Storm and follows with right hands. Hip toss from Storm. He goes off the ropes and eats Homicide’s counter. Hernandez is tagged in.

Storm lands a high boot to the face of Hernandez. Roode lands a clothesline from the apron on Hernandez. Roode is tagged in, Homicide goes for him but referee Slick Johnson pushes him back. Roode chops away at Hernandez’s chest in the corner.

Roode taunts the crowd and tags in James Storm. Inverted atomic drop by Roode, Storm hit a stab in the back of Hernandez. Homicide has to be held back again. Storm, off the middle ropes, lands in Hernandez’s hands. Roode trips Hernandez causing him to drop Storm. Storm tags in Roode as they double team one half of the challengers.

Roode connects a double sledge off the ropes on Hernandez. Storm tags in and goes off the top. Hernandez counters and throws Storm down to the mat. Hernandez can’t make it to Homicide but Roode does get in. Finally Hernandez tags in Homicide. Homicide goes to work on Roode with stiff right hands. Roode finally counters with a boot. Homicide counters with a snap suplex.

Homicide is on the top turnbuckle, Roode follows. Homicide drills a DDT from the middle rope and gets a two count before James Storm gets in to make the save. Storm works Homicide but he gets crouched up on the top rope. Roode hits a spinebuster on Homicide for a two count. Hernandez gets in the ring and cleans house.

Hernandez sends Homicide over the top onto Roode. He motions for Hernandez to go off the top. Storm lands a blow on Hernandez to stop it. Homicide throws Roode into the steel ring steps on the outside. Hector and Jackie argue on the outside. Homicide goes for a beer bottle shot on Roode, he misses. Roode works over Homicide on the outside, Storm is out there as well. Here come Hernandez on both of them!

Hernandez works on Roode back in the ring, Roode counters but Homicide finally drops Roode on his head. Jackie gets in the ring and throws powder in Homicide’s eyes. Roode lands a suplex and gets the three count.

Winners & still TNA Tag Team Champions – Beer Money, Inc

Mixed Martial Arts Match
AJ Styles vs. Frank Trigg

The following is a special Mixed Martial Arts which consists of three five minute rounds and can only be won by submission or knockout. Frank Trigg comes out first.

Frank Trigg gets on the mic and says for those that do not know him his name is Frank Trigg. He says that this isn’t his first time in Canada but he hopes that it’s his last time in this area. He says that this country really does suck. He takes a shot at the Blue Jays and Maple Leafs. He says that he hurts a lot of people – that’s what he does. He says that he would love beating ‘all you guys’ up. He continues to cut an extremely flat and boring promo. Promos are all about delivery and this one was extremely forced. The crowd started a good ’shut the f up’ chant.

The bell rings and the match is underway. Trigg gets an MMA take down on Styles but Styles gets out quickly.

They both try and land punches as Trigg kicks the legs of Styles. The fight goes to the outside where they are separated. Back in the ring, Trigg gets a take down on AJ. Trigg lands knees to the ribs of Styles. Trigg smacks AJ aroud on the mat.

The crowd has turned… ‘we want wrestling’ chants. AJ tries to fight with punches but Trigg keeps him in check. Trigg applies holds on Styles on the mat but basically nothing is happening…

Loud ‘fire Russo’ chants. Styles gets Trigg in a submission but the bell for the first round rings before he can tap.

ROUND TWO: Styles accidentally hit Tigg with a low blow and the round ended to a no contest. AJ starts to beat down Trigg with the kendo stick.

Winner – No Contest

After the match Styles takes a Kendo Stick and beats down Trigg.

JB asks Samoa Joe if he is mentally ready for his match tonight. He asks JB to define mentally ready because he doesn’t know how he is going to act tonight. Joe tells Sting that he is part of this. Joe bashes Sting for being one of the highest workers in TNA yet the one who works the least.

TNA Championship Match
Samoa Joe (c) vs. Kurt Angle vs. Christian Cage

As noted, Booker T couldn’t make it to the pay-per-view so obviously he will not be involved in the match. We see Christian Cage leave his dressing room and walk towards ringside backstage.

Kurt Angle is shown next in the same shot that Christian was before he came out. They are airing a video after the backstage shot which I feel is a nice touch.

Finally we are shown a camera shot of Samoa Joe walking to the ringside area with the TNA Heavyweight Championship belt.

After Joe gets in the ring, Sting’s music hits as the lights dim. Sting comes out with a baseball bat. Samoa Joe leaves the ring and walks up the ramp to meet Sting face-to-face. Joe socks Sting in the mouth a couple of times. They go at it on the ramp as AJ Styles comes out to separate Joe from Sting.

Joe gets back in the ring for the formal in-ring introductions.

The bell FINALLY rings and the match is underway. Joe and Christian double team Angle. Christian holds the arms of Angle while Joe lands punches. Christian chops the chest of Angle. Joe whips him coast-to-coast and drilled him in the head with a boot. Cork screw elbow from Christian on Angle. Christian flips Angle to the outside with a clothesline.

Joe and Christian lockup in the ring. They break and then some smack talk. Joe pushes Christian, Christian smacks Joe. They duke it out as Christian hits some knife edge chops to the chest of Joe. Joe explodes with a springboard kick off the ropes. Atomic drop from Joe but he misses the follow-up.

Christian counters and hits a DDT and a near fall. Christian goes off the ropes and Angle drags him to the outside. Angle gets in the ring and gets caught in a rear naked choke from Joe. Christian gets in to make the save. Angle gets Christian in a belly-to-belly release suplex. He gives Joe one. Angle goes for the ankle lock but Christian gets him off. Angle dumps Christian to the outside with a belly-to-belly. Christian took a hard bump on his knee.

Joe and Angle work in the ring as Joe lands a kick then goes off the ropes onto Angle. Joe chops Angle and whips him, Angle reverses and gets Joe in the sleeper. Joe breaks the hold, goes off the ropes, only to eat an elbow from Angle. Angle applies a sleeper on Joe on the mat.

Christian is still on the outside while Angle wrenches back on the sleeper on Joe. Joe gets back to his feet and backs Angle off with elbows. Joe hits Angle in the face. Cage pulled Angle back around the ring post. Christian off the top hits a cross-body off on Joe. Two count for Christian.

Christian goes back to the top, he’s met by Joe. Christian hits Joe with right hands and bites the face of the Champion. Joe gets knocked off and a German Suplex from Angle in the ring. Angle hits a German Suplex on Christian off the top rope. Joe, out of nowhere, hits a snap suplex on Angle and a two count.

Christian goes for the Unprettier but Angle blocks with three consecutive suplexes. Joe gets in behind Angle and ends up hitting a release suplex. Joe delivers a knee to the chest of Christian on the ropes. Joe tries the Muscle Buster, Angle makes the save. Now Joe and Angle go at it. Fall away suplex from Angle onto Joe for a two count.

Christian is back up top, Angle is on Christian, Joe gets Angle on his shoulders and sends the whole mess to the mat. Joe goes for the cover on Christian but only gets a two count. Angle throws Joe to the outside.

Angle goes for the Olympic Slam on Christian, he counters. On the apron, Angle is trying to pull Christian off. Christian is holding on for dear life. Christian finally gets back in control but Angle counters and locks the ankle lock. Joe makes the save and gets a two count on Kurt. Angle gets the ankle lock on Joe then applies it on both Christian and Samoa Joe.

Joe and Christian square off as Joe hits some open handed slaps and the Muscle Buster. Joe goes for the cover but Angle had Earl Hebner distracted. When Hebner goes for the count he only gets two. Joe tosses Christian through the ropes onto Angle. Cork screw from Joe over the top onto Cage and Angle.

This is awesome’ chants from the crowd as Joe goes for Angle. Angle back in the ring, Joe lands a couple of rights. Joe sets Angle up on the top rope. He hits a knife edge chop and goes for the Muscle Buster. Angle counters and hits the Olympic Slam. Frog Splash from Christian onto Joe, he hits the Unprettier. Angle to the outside, Christian gets a two count. Angle takes Hebner out of the ring and drives him head first into the rail.

Angle grabs a steel chair, Cage cuts him of with a boot, tries to use the chair, but Angle low blows him and Angle hits Cage with the chair. Angle sends Cage to the outside, hits Joe with the steel chair and then applies the Ankle Lock. As this goes down, Jeff Jarrett walks down the ramp with a guitar in hand. Jarrett hits the ring, stares at Angle and then smashes the guitar over his head! Joe has Angle up and connects with the Muscle Buster. Joe covers Angle and gets the pinfall.

Winner & STILL TNA World Champion: Samoa Joe

After the match, Jeff Jarrett grabs the TNA World Title and puts it over the shoulder of Samoa Joe. It looks like Joe has a swollen eye. We see a shot of Kurt Angle on the mat who is looking up with blood streaming down his face. Joe continues to celebrate with Jarrett as Mike Tenay reminds us that Samoa Joe will defend the TNA World Title against Sting next month at Bound For Glory in Chicago.

– A promo for Bound For Glory on October 12 airs.