Primo & Carlito, Fan Report on The Sandman, WWE-Halloween

– Lethargbomber sent the following: Hey man I was out last night here in Yonkers for my birthday and who did I see up on stage at the bar up the corner doing karaoke? The Sandman. This guy was so hammered it was insane. He was trying to sing “Enter Sandman” by Metallica. He was also trying to sell off some of his books but he was just an incoherent mess for the most part.

– WWE’s Shopzone website has released several Halloween Superstar packages including Rey Mysterio, The Rock, CM Punk, Undertaker, The Hardys, DX, Hornswoggle and others. The sets come with everything your kids (or you) need to act as your favorite WWE Superstar this Halloween.

– It looks like brothers Primo Colon and Carlito will be playing the face role, for the most part, on SmackDown. The two had a little bit of comedy mixed in with their promo and worked the crowd well. Carlito is back to his old self with the afro style hairdo and not the cornrows.

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