WWE Takes Shot At TNA, Tomko/TNA Update, Konnan Lawsuit Update

— WWE.com posted an item regarding TNA’s newly released video game, “TNA Impact!”, saying the game fell short of an IGN.com reviewer’s expectations. The game was deemed “passable” with a 6.4 overall rating.

— Tomko made his long-awaited return to TNA on last night’s edition of iMPACT! in a match with Samoa Joe. Despite the appearance, he is not back full-time with the company. They used him because officials were looking for a name wrestler for Samoa Joe to beat as the third guy. For the time being he’ll be used when they need to put a star over because he has star credibility. He lives in Jacksonville, Florida, so he’s not too far away from Orlando. His main focus remains the IGF promotion in Japan doing a shootfighter gimmick.

— Former TNA star Konnan filed a trademark infringement claim on the LAX trademark against his former company, but the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas threw the case out. Konnan claimed he came up with the LAX idea.