Update On Sting’s Heel Turn, More TNA Contracts Expiring

— Sting’s promo on iMPACT! two weeks ago was actually originally slated to be a heel promo. However, Sting nixed practically everything scripted that would make him come across as a heel. His reasoning is that he wasn’t feeling some of the lines he was supposed to say. The end result was Sting cutting one of the best babyface promos of his career. The crowd’s reaction to Sting was completely different from what TNA wanted as they cheered his every word instead of booing him. Nonetheless, TNA officials were said to be happy with his promo because he did such a good job, even if it did take original storyline plans off course.

— There is said to be another round of contracts coming due in March in TNA. Reports are stating this will be a very key period for the company in regards to who and how many WWE will be interested in. I can tell you that The Beautiful People and Salinas’ contracts are up in about a month. I’m going to have more on this later this week or over the weekend so stay tuned!