Major Heat On Triple H, Undertaker Involved: Build Up To WrestleMania 25

Since returning to the SmackDown brand, there is some major heat on the WWE Champion Triple H, mainly for him going out of his way to make the younger talents look bad on camera, especially guys like MVP and Shelton Benjamin. A lot of the guys backstage were upset about Triple H’s recent promo and have went to The Undertaker for a resolution, of sorts. The Undertaker agrees with the younger talents and says he understands how they feel.

The belief is that a backstage showdown is coming between The Undertaker and Triple H, due to the way the WWE Champion treats people in the locker room. Many people think that Triple H would get his way in the end but the one person that Vince McMahon respects and trusts the most above others is The Undertaker.

The Undertaker sees SmackDown as his brand and the Superstars as his boys, in a way. If he isn’t backed by McMahon when the time comes, there’s a feeling that he could take more time off for injuries as a way to show his displeasure. There’s already a thought among some close to the situation that Triple H wants payback for his loss at WrestleMania 17 and is pushing for himself to face The Undertaker at WrestleMania 25 with the streak being broken.




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  • LordRiddick

    If Vince do the favor to HHH and make him to be the one who end Undertaker’s Wrestlemania streak (espesially because they have personal issues), then he will be the biggest @$$HOLLE of the world.He must think that Taker is the man give life to his personal favourite character and is the FAVOURITE performer of the people.

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