Kurt Angle Off The Record Recap: Drug Testing, Vince, Painkillers, More

Kurt Angle made an appearance on Off The Record in Canada tonight. Here are some of the highlights:

It’s trying to now, he’s wrestling less but even in TNA the schedule is growing. It won’t stop as long as people want to see them and are willing to pay for it. Wellness is a step in the right direction but it won’t fix the root cause.

You sign a contract and it says exactly what you have to do. Most wrestlers are too scared to say there are too many dates in a month. He went to Vince and said 22 days a month was too much and he needed to go part-time. Vince said they needed him full-time. Kurt said he would have to quit. He says your health is most important and if you can’t fulfill a certain schedule, don’t sign the contract.

In the long run, wrestlers wrestle year-round because the money is good. Nobody has died recently, so Wellness might be helping. He says it’s down to Vince and Dixie to start telling guys to take time off, because the wrestler’s themselves aren’t going to do it. He also admitted that he was the guy who was on death watch before leaving WWE.A lot of WWE talent were asking Vince to keep an eye on him because they thought he would be next.


He’s a Republican.

He mentioned outrageous parties in the Olympic village.

Read Bret’s book but not Chris Jericho’s, and he didn’t know who Tito Sanata was.

He seemed to be a bit slurred by this point.

He was treated well in WWE, and said Vince knows what he’s doing, which is both a blessing and a curse. He doesn’t think any sport has a good drug policy right now. He picked Lesnar over Couture, and set next year as his MMA debut date. He also told a story about Big Show knocking someone out on a plane by punching the back of his chair.