Interesting Email Regarding Shortage Of TNA Video Game

John Silva sent this in:

My friend was kind enough to pass along this info to me. It would seem that Midway and TNA are pulling an old Nintendo trick. They seem to be deliberately shorting retailers to build up demand for the game.

Considering the reviews that the game has been getting and since this is TNA’s first game, they decided to short-change retailers in order to build demand and claim “Look, our game’s so popular, it’s selling out everywhere” when they only send about a THIRD of what was supposed to be sent.

Need proof? At our local mom & pop game store(who use the same distributor as GameStop), they were promised 50 copies of the game(as to how many for each system, I’m not sure). Instead, they only recieved SIX COPIES!!!! When the manager called the distributor, the distributor said that they were promised themselves 175 copies for all of their stores. They only received FIFTY! But, at least they had the 360 and PS3 versions. GameStop on the other hand, only recieved FIVE copies, all PS2 versions! This kind of practice is ILLEGAL! Remember the case that Nintendo had with the New York Attorney General’s Office? I bet that Midway is looking at some serious fines and penalties when the distributor and stores start to complain, which BELIEVE me will happen in time. Just figured I’d tell you since it is an important development and the reason why NOBODY can find the game.

While none of this has been confirmed by TNA or Midway, I can attest to this happening over the last few days based on people I’ve spoken with and people who have e-mailed us similar stories. I experienced this myself picking up a copy of the game at a local Wal-Mart where they only had received 4 copies of the game for the XBOX 360.





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  • James Masters

    Can you provide more information on this?

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