Gail Kim Updates Blog: Says She’ll Return, But Doesn’t Reveal For Who

Gail Kim, who is currently a free agent, posted the following statement on the message board of her official website:

JUST SO EVERYONE DOESNT THINK IM NOT ALIVE….So ive been gone for more than a while i would say without saying a word which i know was driving everyone crazy!!! which i dont intentionally do i hope everyone knows. well im just checking in to say im alive and doing well i decided to write a message here instead of my myspace page because i know that everyone here are my biggest supporters and are always concerned about my wellbeing. btw thanks to you guys for the card and flowers. i did receive them and was truly touched by your gesture so thank you again. it is truly appreciated. Im not making any comment about what is happening in my life professionally just yet so im sorry to disappoint. Im a pretty private person for the most part so i dont feel so comfortable just talking about everything so openly. Well whatever happens, just know that i love you guys and always feel your support no matter what and know that i will be returning to the ring soon. Dont listen to what everyone is writing and saying and i hope no matter what, everyone knows that i always give my all in that ring no matter who im in the ring with or who im in the ring for! I love what i do and am so grateful that i can live my dream….xoxo – gail