Trish Stratus Update, Justin Credible/Olive Garden, The Wrestler

— The new issue of Toro Magazine in Canada features a photo shoot and Q&A session with former WWE Women’s champ Trish Stratus.

— To update on former ECW champ Justin Credible, who made the news recently after being spotted working at Olive Garden, he is actually currently going to culinary school.

— Roger Ebert says new film “The Wrestler” is “meat-and-potatoes filmmaking, anchored by a strong story and sharply defined characters.” He goes on to say Mickey Rourke’s performance in the lead role is “arguably his best career performance and could win him an Oscar nomination.” Certainly a better review than he gave the last theatrically released wrestling movie, Ready To Rumble.

VIEW HERE: Trish Stratus’ VERY BUSTY New Photo Shoot [DAMN!! *CLICK HERE*]