Sunny Talks Returning to WWE, TNA Rumors, More

– Kevin Eck of The Baltimore Sun recently did a phone interview with former WWE Diva Tammy “Sunny” Sytch. They discussed a number of topics including rumors of her in WWE and TNA as well as her past with Shawn Michaels. The highlights:

You appeared at the Raw 15th anniversary show back in December, which sparked rumors that you might be headed back to WWE. Is there still a chance of that happening?

There’s always a chance. Anything can happen in this crazy business. That was a really awesome night. They called me three weeks ahead of time and told me that they were thinking of having me on the show, but it wasn’t definite yet and they would let me know. Then about a week before, I got the phone call back and they said, “We definitely want you there. I was like, “Awesome.” I was so excited and all pumped up. I dieted my butt off. I worked out like a madwoman in the gym. I’m in the car on the way to Bridgeport, Conn., and my boyfriend’s driving and we’re about 10 minutes away from the building, and I started physically shaking. He looked at me and he goes, “What is the matter? Are you nervous?” I said, “I’m so nervous. You have no idea.” He said, “Why are you nervous? You’ve been doing this for 18 years.” I said, “No, you don’t understand. Hearing my music, walking down the ramp and doing my thing in the ring, that’s not what I’m nervous about. That’s old hat for me. I can do that with my eyes closed. What I’m nervous about is walking into that locker room and seeing all these people I haven’t seen for years and seeing people I don’t know.”

I’d heard from people who have been in that company since I was there that the locker room was completely changed. We were all friends when I was there. It was kind of like a family on the road. And what I had heard was that the past few years there was just a bunch of back-stabbers [and] nobody likes each other in the locker room. So I was actually very nervous about how the whole locker room scene was going to be, seeing people that I had history with – good and bad. It was nerve-wracking. But as soon as I walked in that back door everybody who saw me came right over, gave me hugs and kisses and was so happy to see me that every bit of nervousness exited my body immediately. I was shocked because here I am, ready to walk into the female locker room after hearing all these horror stories from people like Dawn Marie, who told me how all the girls hated each other, and every single girl in that locker room kissed my butt (laughs). They were awesome. They paid me so much respect, and the girls that I thought I would not like at all, like the girls from the Diva Search like Maria, she was one of the nicest ones there.

I’m not a big fan of the Diva Search thing. I was raised old school in this business. To bring girls in off the street that know nothing about this business and giving them a job when there are so many girls that really respect this business and have learned their craft that can’t get a job, I think that’s the wrong way to go about hiring girls. I was thinking that I definitely was not going to like these girls, but Maria came right over to me; she got me a bottle of water when I was thirsty and couldn’t find anything to drink; she was great. Melina – I didn’t like her character, so I guess she was doing her job really well because I bought into it – she was great. Now we keep in touch all the time. We talk on the phone, we e-mail, we text. She’s awesome. Every girl was just so nice. I was like, “Wait a minute. This is not the locker room that Dawn Marie was warning me about.” It was completely different from what I expected. It was a really fun night. I didn’t want to leave. Around 11:30 everybody’s starting to pull their bags out and go home and go to their hotels, and I wanted the night to keep going because I was having such a good time.

There also were rumors that you were going to be brought into TNA to play Kurt Angle’s love interest. What happened with that?

I heard that, too, but the only place I ever heard that was on the Internet. I was never contacted. Nobody ever said anything to me about any kind of idea. After 18 years in the business, I’ve learned that you don’t believe anything until you have your name on paper and money in your hand. You can’t believe rumors; you can’t believe that somebody has an idea for you unless it’s actually happening. I’ve been heartbroken many times when I thought ideas that were going to happen didn’t happen, so I don’t get my hopes up for anything. So all of a sudden, all these people are saying, “Oh, what happened? How did you screw up your deal?” I’m like, “There was no deal. It was an Internet rumor.” I’ve even contacted a couple of my friends that are producers and writers in TNA after I heard the rumors, and I was like, “What is going on?” And they were like, “We have no idea. We never heard anything like that.” So as far as I’m concerned, it was just an Internet rumor.

Do you want to work full-time again with one of the two companies?

Never say never. I kind of like how my life is right now. I work every weekend. I’m comfortable with money. And I like playing the housewife role during the week. Monday through Thursday, I clean the house, I cook dinner, and I take care of the landscaping. It’s kind of fun and it’s something I’ve never done before. It’s a nice, calm, normal life. I go the gym, I go to the tanning salon and I come home and take care of the house and my boyfriend. And then on the weekends I go and play (laughs). But never say never. I do love being on the road, and being on the road is where I’ve always been most comfortable – in hotels and rental cars and airplanes. A lot of people wouldn’t be able to fathom being away so much, but I kind of enjoy it. I’m kind of a gypsy at heart.

It would really have to be worth it. I definitely wouldn’t get in the ring and do anything physical. I’ve got some herniated disks in my lower back that I need surgery on and it’s just not worth it to me to go in there and have to get the surgery any sooner than I have to. I’m trying to put it off as long as possible. I’ve never been a wrestler; I’ve never said I was any good at it, because I’m not, even the couple times that I have been in the ring. If anybody wanted to hire me and have me in the ring, I think they’re foolish because why have me do something I’m not good at. Put me on the microphone, let me be a manager or a broadcaster or host a TV show – that’s what I’m good at. Don’t put me in the ring, because I suck (laughs).

We’ll see. If something comes about and there’s an offer made or an idea, I’ll definitely consider it. The night I was there for Raw, I got a lot of good vibes from people like Johnny Ace and Stephanie McMahon, and you never know. See, they’re the kind of company that they’re not going to hire you just to hire you and then figure out something to do with you. They’ll wait until they have an idea and see who is going to fit in the role for that idea, and then they’ll give you a call. They’re never going to hire somebody and then try to think of what to do with them. So if something happens down the road, great. But they better get a move on because I’m not getting any younger (laughs).

It’s public knowledge that you have a history with Shawn Michaels. What was it like seeing him at the Raw 15th anniversary show after all these years?

That was one of the things I was very nervous about, because I haven’t seen him since I left that company. I didn’t know what to expect. I was in catering and all of a sudden someone taps me on my shoulder, I turn around and it’s him. Of course, I was like a deer in the headlights (laughs). And he hugs me, kisses me on the cheek, said how great I looked. I tried to say the same thing about him without lying too much because he aged quite a bit since I saw him last (laughs). I was like, “Oh, you look the same.” And I’m thinking to myself, “No you don’t.” (laughs) But he was very cool. He showed me pictures of his kids. He was in great spirits that night and he was a sweetheart. That’s probably what I was most nervous about going in there that night, and he totally made it easy.