Why WWE Put The Title On Jericho, Big Update On Cena’s Recovery

— The decision to put Chris Jericho in the Raw Scramble at Unforgiven had been suggested several weeks ago. In addition, a number of “possible winners” had been talked about including Jericho, CM Punk and even Edge.

— One of the reasons John Cena was able to have minimally invasive surgery on one herniated disc as well as a small fragment of the disc impinging on a nerve on the spinal cord causing numbness was due to the fact that Cena went to the doctor immediately when he noticed he was losing strength. So, they were able to address the issue right away before anymore damage was done. Cena’s neck wasn’t nearly as damaged as other people in the past such as Steve Austin, Edge or Kurt Angle – all of which either got the neck fusion surgery or in Angle’s case didn’t.




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