Randy Savage & Mick Foley Pulled From Legends of WrestleMania Game

The Wrestling Observer is reporting that Vince McMahon has decided NOT to feature Randy Savage as a playable character in the upcoming “Legends of Wrestlemania” video game which is slated to be released by THQ next March. Savage, who competed in 9 out of the first 10 Wrestlemania’s and won the WWF Championship at two of them, is being regarded by THQ as a huge loss to the video game. In addition to Savage, McMahon has also made the decision to pull Mick Foley from the game even though his character had already been created. McMahon made the decision following Foley’s departure from WWE and announcement that he has signed with TNA. Several other names were also removed from the game at McMahon’s request, but those names have yet to be released.




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  • TampaGlen

    Vince is a jackoff. I wish he’d get over whatever his deal is with Savage. The Macho Man carried his company in the late 80’s and kept Hogan interesting long after he wasn’t.

  • ziggy

    Vince needs to know he is making a huge mistake
    Savage of all people should be in the game HELLO!!!!
    Wrestlemania 4 the tournament where he won his first title. Wrestlemnaia 5 where the mega powers explode and he lost the title. Wrestlemania 7 perhaps the most memorable reunion in Wrestlemania. Then i won the title back from FLair at WrestleMania 8. I can’t believe he is letting his perosnal life get in the way of this huge business decision. It is not only a loss for gamers and Wrestling fans alike. He is also erasing Savage’s history and that is just BULL-SHIT!!!

  • ron langford

    Your loss Vince!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The more I read about you the more I hate the WWE

  • JOSE

    this game need macho man, demolition, eartquake powers of pain.

  • mehmet mustafa

    vince your a knob at least release macho man on dlc

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