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RVD Updates Myspace Blog; Praises Killer Kowalski, More

Posted by Kyle Faust in WWE News
Tuesday, September 9th, 2008

updated his myspace blog today, heavily praising the late Killer Kowalski. The following is from RVD’s blog:

After graduating high school in 1989, I researched wrestling schools all over the country. I called any that I could get the phone numbers for and wrote those that I had addresses for. Some responded, some did not but I knew that I was going to follow my dreams and make it happen, no matter how much work it took. Saving up money from a list of crappy jobs, I booked my very first trip to visit a wrestling school near Boston. I had been talking with Walter “Killer” Kowalski on the phone and he had assured me that if I could get my way from Battle Creek, Michigan to Massachusetts, he’d give me a good “tour” of his school. This would be my first lone experience traveling anywhere, but I saved three hundred and some odd dollars for the flight and I went to pursue my dreams. I knew that Walter had trained Big John Studd, who was a big WWF Superstar, and that impressed me. Thinking back, Walter could not have been more hospitable to me. He picked me up from the airport, took me to my hotel, to the wrestling school, gave me a workout, and even drove me back to the airport. All this for some skinny 18 year old kid with zero to offer the business, or so it seemed. I’ll always remember how I wanted to=2 0wear my white tank top to the airport on my way home- you know- to show off my huge 180 pound frame! Walter had me change because he said it looked like I was wearing my underwear and I should dress nicer! After the visit, I went back to Michigan with big plans of saving my money and returning to Boston to pursue my career. It was while I was bagging groceries to earn money that I discovered the Shiek’s school 45 minutes from home. Shiek and Killer Kowalski both had great credentials, which is what I was looking for. Shiek would later tell me that both he and Walter were trained by the same guy- a man named Burt Ruby. The Shiek passed away a few years ago, and Walter has now joined him. These legends are not replaceable and their passing is a great loss to the entire industry.

This week I am auctioning off one of my wrestling outfits and the money raised while go to:

MALDEN, MA 02148


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