Mickie James/Ratings, Stacy Keibler, Austin/WM 25, SD Rating

— Mickie James got to appear on a show higher-rated than RAW last week. The September 6 episode of Psych, where she appeared as a roller derby queen, beat out Monday Night RAW by .1 on the ratings.

— Stacy Keibler’s new show, Samurai Girl on ABC Family, debut with a 1.1 cable rating. Stacy is currently featured on the celeb gossip sites for her appearance at the BlackBerry Pink Curve launch party in Los Angeles, sponsored in-part by Verizon. You can see pictures of her at the event at this link.

— The September 5 edition of Friday Night SmackDown did a 2.4 cable rating.

— WrestleMania 25 tickets will go on sale Saturday, September 20. In addition to the Hall of Fame ceremony, there are plans for a larger scale AXXESS event that will require an additional admission fee. Both of those will likely be built around Steve Austin. There will also be a live broadcast of SmackDown on the Friday before WrestleMania.

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