Kennedy Removed From SmackDown Intro, R-Truth’s Profile, WWE Cancels Show

— In case you missed it, Mr. Kennedy was removed from the SmackDown intro starting with last week’s show. Kennedy dislocated his shoulder in a match against Shelton Benjamin at a house show a month ago and is slated to be out of action for approximately six months following surgery.

— has added a profile on R-Truth to the SmackDown section. You can see it at

— Speaking of R-Truth, Ron “R-Truth” Killings is in “The Wrestler” movie. Both Killings and former WWE Superstar/current actor Romeo Roselli shot several scenes for the movie. The two performed a wrestling match that was taped on film. The film is set to debut in the U.S. at the New York Film Festival in October.

— WWE recently canceled the 10/17 house show scheduled in Aguascalientes, Mexico. The public reason given for the cancellation came in the form of a local promotion saying that they didn’t realize they booked an outdoor stadium and were afraid of weather spoiling the event. However, the real reason the show was canceled is because WWE sold less than 500 tickets so far, reports the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. There has been talk of running a second show in Arena Monterrey, where WWE is running the night before.