The Dog Pound – Scramble On…

In the illustrious words of Led Zeppelin, it’s time to (Sc)ramble on! Tomorrow night, the WWE presents Unforgiven with not one, not two, but three brand new Championship Scramble Matches. Now of course it is time for all of you to hop inside The Dog Pound as I give you my predictions for what I believe could be the best PPV so far this year.

So, we actually have a tag team match on a pay-per-view? And geez, its actually with the titles on the line? Man I don’t know what to think anymore. Seriously though, I am very happy that both teams of Rhodes/Dibiase and Cryme Tyme get a true chance to shine on a ppv card, and I think that the match for the World Tag Team Titles will kick off the show. I also really like the team of Rhodes/Dibiase and feel they should keep the titles for a few more months to truly establish themselves. I pick Rhodes and Dibiase to win and retiain the gold.

Following this, I think Smackdown will give us Michelle McCool taking on Maryse for the Diva’s Championship. To be honest I have no interest in this match whatsoever and it is quite simply because Michelle McCool really annoys me. I like Maryse, and believe she has come quite a long way so far, but Michelle just doesn’t do anything for me. My question…where is Natalya? Victoria? Hell, even Maria? Oh well, I guess Michelle will win and keep the fued going for awhile and hopefully Natalya can get back into the mix fairly soon. McCool wins and retains.

Next up, I think will be the first Scramble Match, for the ECW Championship. Now keep in mind this would make it three title matches in a row, but I’ll explain why it would work in a bit. Anyway, I’ll admit Mark Henry hasn’t done TERRIBLE as champ, but that’s because he has Tony Atlas in his corner. Should be a fairly entertaining match nonetheless, and I expect Henry to retain the gold for a little while longer!

Next up, I say Raw brings us back with the Unsanctioned Match between Shawn Michaels and Chris Jericho. Let’s face it guys, this program has been the highlight of Monday Nights, and to think its been going on essentially for seven months! I’ll admit this is a dream match for me like any time HBK snd Jericho square off. Let’s not forget also, this is Unsanctioned so ANYTHING GOES! I say HBK will pick up the win and finally get the redemption he deserves. Since he is injured though I expect him to pull that angle during/after the match so he can be written off and have time to heal. HBK wins.

Raw stays with us and we’ll get the second Scramble Match of the night. I like this match, however there seems to be just a little something missing in the hype department. Could it actually be due to Cena not being there? Call me crazy but I actually found myself wishing Cena stayed in as opposed to Mysterio. Nothing against Rey Rey, he just doesn’t do it for me as a main event guy. In the end, I say it would be a sad mistake on the WWE’s part to take the title off of Punk here. I have enjoyed his character as of late and I think he is just starting to shake that “transitional champion” tag. I also want to see Punk vs. Orton when Randy returns.

In the end, this is going to be a very solid match with all the contrasting styles. You just know there is going to be a spot in the match were Batista and Mysterio are the only two standing. Then what happens? Also, don’t count Kane out of this either. His character has been very solid as of late and I think he’s going to be a major player in this match. I’ll stand behind my pick though and say CM Punk wins again!

Now, we conclude with what I believe has been the best built-up Scramble Match of the three. Smackdown’s Scramble for the WWE Championship. I honestly cannot wait for this match. I have loved how each week, every man in the match has had the upper hand at some point and they’re all being treated as equal competitors and threats to the title. How cool was it to see The Brian Kendrick be the first to attack HHH this past Friday with no hesitation? cool was it to see Jeff Hardy be the one to stand tall over The Game at the end of the show? Hell, even Shelton Benjamin has truly shined (like Gold) in this program. I am so hyped for this match I can’t wait. In the end, I believe this will be the match of the night, and with everyone else retaining their gold, I honestly feel Triple H will be the one to drop his.

I might be shooting for the moon on this one, but I’m picking Jeff Hardy to walk out of Unforgiven as the NEW WWE Champion! He has been on fire, and I believe that now is as good a time as any to give him a shot with the gold. We see how long Punk has lasted, let’s give Jeff his time.

There ya have it, my picks for this Sunday. You have any? You know the email, hit me up peeps!


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