Katie Lea Speaks Out, Candice’s Adult Pics, Foley-WWE, More

– WWE.com has removed their statement earlier in the week regarding Mick Foley’s departure from the company. When you click on the “WWE News” tab, the article is nowhere to be found, and they have articles listed since last Saturday. It’s also interesting to note that their the original statement didn’t feature the traditional “future endeavors” line.

– Ed Pena of the National Ledger has an article regarding WWE Diva Candice Michelle’s past in that more nude photographs from her days as Mackenzie Montgomery, Foot Fetish Softcore Adult Model, have surfaced. The article noted, “These are more sensual than the other photos that have been uncovered. A lot of Candice’s fans think she hasn’t aged well in the past year, but she looks young, beautiful, and healthy in these pictures.”

– The Daily Star has an interview with WWE Diva Katie Lea. “I think there are a lot of very good girls on Raw and Smackdown, ” Katie says. “There’s a lot of effort put in and the producers are taking it very seriously, I think the division is on the way up.” Katie also believes the match quality of the girls is the same as the guys. “Audiences see the guys more as the hero figures and the girls as glamorous. We are not seen as superhumans. In terms of match quality, I would say the girls are the same as the guys now,” Katie said.

– According to the latest Diva Dish, WWE Diva Jillian Hall recently attended her high school reunion and said that a lot of people were surprised by her radically different physical appearance. “Everyone thought that I was completely different than I was in high school, looks-wise, and I am. I’m the same person, obviously, with the same personality. But, looks-wise, some were very surprised,” Jillian said. “Some already knew, though, because they had seen WWE. But, some people didn’t recognize me or even know who I was.”