Mickie James Speaks on Posing Nude

– WWE Diva Mickie James appeared on The Morning After radio show today in St. Louis and was asked about when she posed nude for various adult magazines before getting into WWE. Mickie fumbled the question and the response is classic. Here’s what she had to say, pretty much word for word:

Interviewer: …there were some pictures online attributed to you that said you did some adult work. I look at your bio and it doesn’t seem like something you would have done. Your reaction to that?

Mickie: Well, umm I think that, uhh…I mean, I’ve been doing this for 11 years and I think that everybody… like I said before everybody comes from different backgrounds. I don’t think that…

Interviewer: So you did it?

Mickie: Well… you know what? It’s kind of hard to say, I’ve done some things in my past but that doesn’t make me who I am today.

They went on and a handler came on the air and said “we have to move on.” Right when they brought up the photos originally, the handler also came on the line and said “30 seconds guys.”

Mickie also noted that she is more of an Independent voter than a Republican but said she agrees with both what Obama and McCain have to say on some of the issues. She was asked what she agreed with McCain on and all she could really say was she was excited about Sarah Palin running with him. Mickie also said she was not dating anyone specific but was “dating her job.” Mickie was actually on the show to promote her appearance on USA’s Psych this weekend.

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