Sid Vicious Return Update, HBK/Y2J Working On Feud, Luger’s Biography

— It’s being reported that Chris Jericho and Shawn Michaels have been working very closely together on their latest program. While creative has been participating in the booking of the angle, HBK and Y2J have been largely responsible for the ideas and the direction of their feud.

— Amidst ongoing rumors that Sid Vicious may be close to signing a deal with WWE, a video recently surfaced of him wrestling a match for NWA earlier this year which you can watch if you click here. Despite the infamously serious leg injury he received several years back, Sid appears to be in good shape, and his ring work seems to be on par with what audiences have seen in the past.

— The Wrestling Observer is reporting that Lex Luger has begun writing an autobiography with the help of Atlanta Journal-Constitution writer John Hollis. Hollis was the main reporter on the Chris Benoit case for the Atlanta-based paper.