Recap of WWE on CNN, The Wrestler Update, Savage, More

– Mickie James and Josh Mathews were interviewed on CNN earlier today at the site of the Republican National Convention. Both discussed the Smackdown Your Vote campaign and trying to reach the WWE audience to get out and vote. The CNN interviewer, Soledad O’Brien, seemed quite shocked that WWE would even get involved with politics. Mathews handled that well exposing the 15 million viewers that watch the product every week. James seemed to have some trouble answering a question as to how successful WWE’s campaign has been since they started it a few years ago. James and Mathews also made an appearance on Fox News earlier today that you can view at

– “The Wrestler”, a new film starring Mickey Rourke, is listed in an article as one of the top twenty films to view at the Toronto Film Festival. The synopsis of the film is according to the article is, “A retired wrestler with a stripper girlfriend and a heart condition is tempted into a rematch with his old foe”. It also reads, “A Rocky for grapplers? Perhaps. More likely: a Mickey Rourke comeback courtesy of director Darren Aronofsky (The Fountain).” The film is scheduled to be released on October 12th at the New York Film Festival.

– Former TNA star and WWF and WCW champion Randy “Macho Man” Savage has turned down bookings to appear at autograph signings, despite lucrative offers. These days, Savage keeps to him for the most part, and attends to his parents in Florida. To view a crazy looking photo of how The Macho Man looks these days, click here.