Rams Players At RAW, More On SmackDown’s Move, House Show Main Event

— WWE has announced the dark main event for the 9/22 RAW in Cincinnati, Ohio will be CM Punk and Batista teaming up to face JBL and Chris Jericho.

— Several NFL players from the St. Louis Rams were in attendance for the RAW tapings on Monday night in St. Louis, MO. They ended up meeting Randy Orton and CM Punk before the show, which WWE’s website has photos of.

— WWE Smackdown’s move to MyNetworkTV this fall may not be as bad as originally perceived just a few months ago. Last week, MyNetwork without WWE averaged a 1.0 rating in primetime and 1.64 million viewers. In comparison, The CW Network with Smackdown averaged a 1.1 rating with 1.62 million viewers. So it appears MyNetwork is going from what many considered a sinking network to a rising network and with the addition of Smackdown in the fall, which has been the highest rated show on The CW since rerun season started and one of the highest during the regular season, it will mean a huge plus for MyNetwork. WWE also got a much better money deal signing with MyNetwork as well.