More Details on MVP’s Backstage SmackDown Heat

– As posted last week, there is some backstage heat on former WWE United States Champion MVP.

The heat seems to have started when WWE recently had a drug test. WWE brings in drug testing monitors to make sure the talents aren’t cheating the tests because some guys were bringing in fake urine until WWE implemented the “everything bare nipples to knees” rule. A lot of the talents give the monitors a tough time. Testing for marijuana isn’t a rarity and WWE doesn’t suspend for marijuana positives, just fine the talent $1,000. It’s called the pot excise tax among some of the guys and everybody who would use still does.

So anyway, MVP asked the drug monitor if he went to college, and of course he said he did. MVP then asked the guy something to the effect of, “you went to school for four years to watch people’s dicks.” The monitor went and complained to management and Bruce Prichard and John Laurinaitis had a meeting with the talents, telling them not to harass the drug monitors, who are just doing their job.

Since that incident, the word going around backstage is that MVP doesn’t know how to work as a heel to get heat. Shelton Benjamin has been receiving praise because the feeling is that he is learning to heel better and MVP has been told to watch Shelton to learn to work.





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  • The Zig

    Shelton is a better heel than MVP? You gotta be shitting me.

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