RVD Interview, JBL Loses 63 Pounds, Mickie James/Psych Reminder

— Over at Robvandam.com, there is a new episode of RVD TV posted in where the former WWE Champion speaks with John Heidenreich and Chris Masters about government.

— JBL has posted a new blog on his WWE Fan Nation site where he discusses various topics including Joey Styles’ hair. He also claims that he has lost 63 pounds since his retirement, although I find that a bit hard to believe. He says, “Speaking of, I have lost 63 pounds so far. I have had a broken back, several knee surgeries, a double hernia operation in the past, a current herniated disc, a past torn bicep, and a current torn rotator cuff and labium in my shoulder, however, I have developed a product that allows me to get up in the morning and feel like training. No kidding, I have got the thing that will help a ton of Americans, I am proof. You will see this product in a few weeks.”

— As a reminder, WWE Diva Mickie James will be appearing on an episode of USA’s “Psych” which will air this Friday night at 10pm. Mickie plays a member of a roller derby team.