WWE Raw Results – September 1, 2008

– Tonight’s WWE RAW kicks off with the hometown boy Randy Orton coming to the ring to a new theme music, it sounds like. Orton has his arm in a sling and gets a mixed reaction from the crowd. Orton says he is still injured and didn’t want to come back until he was 100% percent. He says RAW is an absolute joke and starts dissing the Women’s Champion Beth Phoenix and says she isn’t fooling herself and even disses Santino Marella. Orton says he could beat Santino injured.

Orton then talks about Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase, dissing them and talking about how Cryme Tyme had their titles. Next Orton discusses the World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk and says he is disgracing the title. Orton talks about Punk’s past and says he is a nobody and was until he grabbed a briefcase from a ladder and got a lucky title win. Orton says he would love to challenge Punk tonight and take back what is his, but he’s not medically cleared to wrestle.

Orton says it won’t be long, but he will challenge Punk and bring the belt back where it belongs and make RAW something again. The music hits and out comes CM Punk to a huge pop.

Punk and Orton come face to face and Punk says he has a headache from listening to Orton. Punk says he didn’t have daddy and granddaddy pushing him into the business, he had to earn his spot. Punk says he doesn’t drink or smoke, and he doesn’t take joyrides on motorcycles at 3am and injure himself again. Punk says he went from the Age of Orton to a complete afterthought. Punk says Orton is jealous and this pisses him off. Orton says Punk is the most pathetic Champion and Punk cuts him off. Punk says he would love for this to go down but he has bigger plans to look forward to. Punk says there is only one person in this ring who is pathetic, and it’s not him.

Orton says this conversation is going to have to continue at a later time and makes his way out of the ring. Punk says they will talk later and talks some more to Orton as JBL’s music hits and out he comes to the entrance way. Orton and JBL exchange a look as JBL heads to the ring.

JBL tells Punk that he doesn’t get it and in six days his fairy tale is over as he will lose the World Heavyweight Championship and his fluke of a run will come to an end. JBL says the odds are against Punk and says he is one Clothesline from Hell away from being World Champion.

JBL says he would love for it to be Punk who he pins for the belt but says it could be anyone and mentions the other participants. Out comes Kane. Kane says he has been to hell and he didn’t see JBL’s clothesline anywhere. But he did see Rey Mysterio and says he is still there, despite what Mike Adamle says. Kane says he will not be on RAW tonight and will not be at Unforgiven on Sunday because he made sure of it. Batista’s music cuts off Kane and The Animal comes out, dressed to fight. Batista hits the ring, grabs the mic from JBL and goes to talk. He throws the mic down and spears Kane, then JBL. Batista locks eyes with Punk and spears him as well. Batista makes his exit from the ring as all three men lay in the ring as we get ready for a break.

Charlie Haas vs. Kofi Kingston

Back from commercial and John Cena’s music hits and the crowd goes nuts. Out comes Charlie Haas dressed as and acting like Cena. Haas gets on the mic and says have no fear because “The Haas is Here.” Out comes Kofi for the match.

They start the match off locking up and Kofi has most of the control. Haas signals for the Five Knuckle Shuffle but doesn’t get to do it. Kofi hits a series of big impact moves including his double leg drop.

Haas goes for the FU but Kofi blocks it and hits more of his usual moves. Kofi hits the Trouble in Paradise finisher on Haas to get the pinfall and the win.

Winner: Kofi Kingston

– Back from commercial and Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase confront Randy Orton backstage. Orton asks Cody if he remembers when he slapped his dad and slaps the hell out of Cody. Ted holds Cody back. Orton says they are two of the most talented in the WWE locker room and they need to get it together.

– Backstage we see Mike Adamle meeting with Teddy Long and Tiffany, welcoming them to RAW for the night. Adamle mumbles some crap until Kane walks in. Kane asks why Adamle announced Rey for the match at Unforgiven. Adamle said he did it hoping that Rey would show up. Kane says Rey’s body has been massacred and his body extinguished but tells Adamle to keep hope.

ECW Championship Scramble Battle Royal: Matt Hardy vs. Chavo Guerrero vs. Finlay vs. The Miz vs. Mark Henry

Hardy, Chavo with Bam Neely and Finlay with Hornswoggle make their way to the ring before a commercial break. Following the break, The Miz and ECW Champion Mark Henry with Tony Atlas make their way to the ring.

The match starts with everyone beating on Mark Henry. He eventually fights them off but Miz and Hardy double DDT him. Finlay scoop slams Chavo ontop of Henry. Hardy and Miz duke it out in the corner trying to eliminate each other. Finlay almost goes over the top but hangs on.

Chavo tries to eliminate Miz but Mark Henry comes up and throws them both over. Henry splashes Finlay and lays out Hardy. Henry waits on Finlay to get up and kicks him in the head then hits a big running splash in the corner. Henry misses a splash on Hardy and gets hit with many right hands. Finlay spears Henry in the corner and they try to throw the Champion over the top.

They can’t get him over and Henry tosses Finlay to the floor. Henry and Hardy go at it in the ring now. Henry blocks a Twist of Fate and throws Hardy to the floor to win. Tony Atlas rushes the ring to celebrate with the ECW Champion. Henry eliminated each and every man in this match.

Winner: Mark Henry

– Back from commercial and we see Chris Jericho backstage going over papers with Lance Cade.

William Regal vs. Jamie Noble

Noble makes his way to the ring first and talks about Layla being with him. She is sitting at ringside, not looking too happy. William Regal comes to the ring and starts working over Noble.

Noble tries to get in a little bit of offense but Regal is on a roll. Layla now has a bit of concern on her face. Regal hits some nice suplexes and stomps in the corner on Noble. Regal drops Noble with a nasty back suplex. Out of nowhere Noble rolls Regal up for the win.

Winner: Jamie Noble

After the match, Layla finally looks impressed with Noble. They celebrate together and leave towards the back with each other.

– Backstage we see Mickie James and Kelly Kelly talking as we get ready for the six-Diva match and go to another commercial break.

Jillian Hall, Beth Phoenix and Katie Lea vs. Kelly Kelly, Mickie James and Candice Michelle

Back from commercial and Jillian Hall breaks out in her horrible version of Nelly’s “Hot in Here.” Jerry Lawler said Nelly must be rolling over in his grave and Cole corrected him, mentioning that Nelly is very much alive. Thankfully Mickie’s music hits and out she comes followed by Kelly Kelly. Next out is the WWE Women’s Champion Beth Phoenix who joins Katie and Jillian in the ring. Beth gets on the mic and addresses Randy Orton, saying she is the most talented Diva to ever step in the ring. Candice Michelle’s music hits and out comes the returning Diva!

Kelly and Katie Lea start the match with Katie throwing her to the mat and getting an early 1 count. Kelly kicks Katie in the ribs and backs her in the corner, tagging in Mickie. Mickie comes off the top with a Thesz Press and gets a 2 count on Katie.

Jillian gets tagged in and they double team Mickie until she kicks them off. Beth grabs Mickie and she and Jillian drop Mickie on the mat. Jillian tags in Beth who comes in and hits a big slingshot suplex on Mickie for a 2 count. Beth throws Mickie in the corner and distracts the ref so the other Divas can work her over. Katie gets tagged in and punishes Mickie some more.

Jillian and Katie try to double team Mickie but she kicks Katie out of the ring and hits a neckbreaker on Jillian. Beth gets tagged in but so does Candice. Candice looks kind of excited and hits some kicks and punches on Beth. She botches a head scissor move and a turnbuckle ove. Candice gets on top of Beth and hits her with more sloppy kicks and stomps. Candice climbs the top turnbuckle but Jillian and Katie try to stall her. Candice leaps onto Beth but gets caught up in her finisher. Candice counters the finisher and manages to roll Beth up for the win.

Winners: Candice Michelle, Mickie James and Kelly Kelly

– We cut to a long promo video of the feud between Shawn Michaels and Chris Jericho.

Non-Title Match: Santino Marella vs. D-Lo Brown

Back from commercial and WWE Intercontinental Champion Santino Marella comes out for this non-title match. Santino addresses Randy Orton and says he will prove to be the greatest Intercontinental Champion of all-time and puts a Honk-A-Meter on the screen where he compares himself to The Honkey Tonk Man.

The match ends when D-Lo misses his Frogsplash off the top after controlling most of the match and Santino getting the cheap pin. Santino celebrates with his belt and makes his exit as his music plays.

Winner: Santino Marella

– Backstage we see Shawn Michaels and another man going over legal papers. HBK just has a blank stare on his face as the man talks. Back to commercial.

The Miz and John Morrison vs. Cryme Tyme

Back from commercial and ECW’s Miz and Morrison make their way to the ring. Out next is Cryme Tyme, who still have Rhodes and DiBiase’s Tag Team Titles in their posession. Miz and Morrison meet them on the entrance way and they start brawling.

Cody and Ted run down and attack Cryme Tyme, picking their belts back up. They take Cryme Tyme in the ring and DDT JTG on the belt, leaving him lay and Shad is knocked out on the outside. Cody and Ted raise their hands and titles in the air as the crowd tells them they suck and we go back to commercial.

Winners: Cryme Tyme by DQ

– Back from commercial and Orton runs into Cody and Ted again. They hold up their belts and he gives them a look of approval and the two sides keep walking.

World Heavyweight Championship Scramble Battle Royal: Batista vs. Kane vs. JBL vs. Rey Mysterio vs. CM Punk

The Animal is out first for tonight’s main event, followed by JBL coming out of his white limousine. Back to commercial.

Back from commercial and Randy Orton is now sitting at ringside. Out next is the World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk as Orton stands up to stare him down. The pyro explodes and now Kane makes his way to the ring. The match starts without Rey and the Superstars go to brawling.

Batista unloads on both Kane and JBL with big moves and hits Punk with a clothesline. JBL goes for his Clothesline from Hell but Batista spears him. Batista spears Punk but gets eliminated by Punk. JBL lays Kane and Punk down with big boots. JBL runs at Punk but gets dumped to the floor. It’s now Kane and Punk.

Kane and Punk square off with Punk hitting right hands and kicks. Kane hits a big right hand of his own and sends Punk to the corner for more punishment. Kane tries to eliminate Punk but can’t do it. Kane hits a big sideslam on Punk and throws him into the corner but misses a splash. Punk hits three running knees to the face and goes for the bulldog but can’t hit it. Kane with another big boot.

Punk either tries to hit the GTS or eliminate Kane but can’t. Kane throws him at the apron and he hangs on. Punk comes back in and gets grabbed by his throat and thrown over the top rope for Kane to win.

Winner: Kane

After the match, Orton and Punk come face to face on the floor. Punk nails Orton in the face with a water bottle and walks away with his belt. Rey Mysterio’s music hits and out he comes!

The crowd pops for Rey as he rushes the ring where Kane is. They go at it with Rey hitting a dropkick and taking Kane to the mat. Rey gets on top of him and starts beating on him. Rey backs Kane out to the floor and hits a hurrancanrana off the apron. Rey goes on to hit the 619 wrapped around the ring post. Kane grabs him but Rey goes to the fan barrier and hits another hurrancanrana. Rey goes back in the ring, climbs the turnbuckle and taunts Kane as his music hits. Rey keeps on taunting Kane as Kane looks on from inside the crowd. We get ready for another commercial break.

– Back from commercial and Jerry Lawler is in the ring where a red carpet is laid over the ring and a table and chairs are setup. Chris Jericho makes his way to the ring in a suit. Security surrounds the ring and a couple of lawyer looking guys are in the ring with Lawler. Lawler says he has been asked by Adamle to moderate this contract signing between HBK and Y2J that will make their match Unsanctioned, with no rules and no liabilities. Shawn Michaels is brought out next.

Jericho is sitting down as Michaels enters the ring, takes a seat and removes his cowboy hat. Michaels stares down Jericho, who won’t look back. Lawler says their lawyers have looked over the documents and says Mike Adamle said if there is any physical contact between the two tonight, their match will be called off. Lawler tells them to sign the document. Jericho pulls the pad over to him and signs his name.

Michaels gets the pad next and signs his name, still while looking at Jericho. Lawler thanks both of them for coming out and Jericho cuts him off. Jericho asks Shawn why all the security is here and keeps on ranting. HBK says it’s not his security and if he had it his way, it would only be the two of them out here. Jericho says he has something to say to HBK and both of them agree the security should leave and they do. Lawler and the lawyers leave as well.

Jericho goes on about what happened at SummerSlam and says he did what HBK said, sat his family down and told them he would never be an egomaniac and liar like Shawn Michaels. He says he forbid them from watching Unforgiven because of what he will do to HBK. Jericho keeps running his mouth to HBK about his career and his family, putting them down and says it will all be his own fault. HBK leans in Jericho’s face and says his family won’t be watching the match either but someday he will tell them about all this and tell them of the day that he was so close to walking away and goes on, basically saying he is going to destroy him at Unforgiven.

Jericho and Michaels lock eyes, face to face and stand up. HBK removes his jacket and they walk around the table. Lance Cade runs in but HBK knocks him down and they brawl. HBK falls out of the ring and indeed he does land very awkwardly. Jericho runs off as HBK kicks Cade in the head and looks on as RAW goes off the air.