More Live Spoilers from Last Night’s RAW/SD Tapings

– Thanks to Andy for sending the following notes from last night’s tapings:

I think Shawn Michaels injured himself accidentally falling out of the ring. The gimmick last night was that Jericho and Michaels couldn’t attack each other because if they did, their unsanctioned match would be cancelled, so Lance Cade came to attack Michaels, Michaels beat Cade up, and then went out to reach for Jericho, but then fell out of the ring.

Also, Candice did indeed botch everything. There will have to be some major edits if they don’t want her to look useless.

Triple H mentioned Killer Kowalski after the first segment had gone to commercial.

Vickie Guerrero got incredible heat. You couldn’t hear much of her promo but it was something about how she was going to demand an apology from The Undertaker at Unforgiven.

Also, from where I was sitting behind the Titantron, I could see into about a 2 foot section backstage so I was able to see the wrestlers walk back and forth from the dressing rooms to the stage. I also got to see how they did the Bella twins gimmick. Near the end of one of the segments, I saw a small person dressed in head to toe in black. And then I saw a bunch of crew members gathering around JBL’s limo which was left over from the RAW taping. After a segment ended, the lights were dimmed, the crew members surrounded the tiny person in black and they walked to the ring together. They all stopped in front of the ring so the tiny person could get under the ring and then the rest of the crew members walked around the ring for no apparent reason. I didn’t see how the other twin got back to the dressing room because we left soon after that segment.

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