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SPOILERS: WWE RAW Taping Results (9/1)

Posted by Kyle Faust in RAW Results, WWE News
Sunday, August 31st, 2008

Thanks to Joe V. for texting in the following results:

A Video was shown.

Lillian Garcia came out to start the Raw tapings. and came out for commentary.

Dark Match:
Jimmy Wang Yang def. Takeshi Morishima w/ Tony Atlas with a standing moonsault.


comes out with a sling on his arm (which he didn’t have on yesterday during an autograph signing). Anyway, he’s dissing the Glamazon saying she acts like shes on Beverly Hills 90210. Then he starts dissing the rest of the WWE champions. Randy is then interrupted by . Orton wanders off to the back, but in the mean time is now out to argue with Punk. also joins the party, and says that won’t be at because he’s in hell… but soon after runs down and clears house.

def. (who was dressed like )

An announcement was made that a contract signing for the HBK/Y2J match at Unforgiven would be held tonight.

Backstage Cody Rhodes confronted Orton about dissing him earlier in the ring, Orton smacked Rhodes.

They announce a 5-man battle royal next with the scramble match participants from ECW.

sent out Miz and Chavo first…Next was Finley. Finley and double team Henry, but Henry ended up getting the win.

is shown backstage signing the legal papers for his match with at Unforgiven.

Jaime Noble def. w/ Layla at ringside via pinfall.

and were shown backstage stretching..

6-Diva tag match:Mickie James, Kelly Kelly, Candice Michelle def. Katie Lea, Jillian, Beth Phoenix after Candice Michelle pinned Beth Phoenix. I was told that Candice Michelle had trouble keeping her pants up lol.

Santino def. D’lo Brown… after D’lo dominated most of the match, he missed a ‘Low Down’ frogsplash and Santino capitalized to get the win.

& Morrison vs. Cryme Tyme ended in a DQ when Team Priceless (Rhodes and Dibiase) crashed the party, beat both teams up and took their belts back.

Randy Orton is on commentary with Lawler and Cole for the main event.

Kane def. JBL, Punk and Batista in the Battle Royal main event. Kane won with a chokeslam over the top rope REY MYSTERIO Comes out and attacks Kane. They fought outside the ring, then Rey reversed a chokeslam sending Kane into the crowd. At this point the crowd was going nuts…

Chris Jericho/Shawn Michaels contract signing is up next.

King Lawler comes into the ring as the moderator. Adamle says that neither man can touch the other or the match at Unforgiven will be called off. Jericho comes out first, followed by HBK. They agree to dismiss the security, saying that they wont jeopardize their match at Unforgiven. Jericho says he isn’t sorry for what he’s already done and that his children wont be watching their match because of what he’s going to do at Unforgiven. After signing the contract, both men are unable to be restrained and go at each other as Raw goes off the air.


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