Jim Ross Speaks On Eric Bischoff, Shamrock, and Lesnar

Jim Ross updated the blog section of JRsbarbq.com. The following items are among the highlights.

Ross on rumors that Eric Bischoff is starting a new wrestling promotion on CMT: “Is Eric Bischoff going to start a new, wrestling promotion using CMT as his network? I don’t know the answer but Bischoff is an aggressive, entrepreneur who understands the art of the deal. Being successful in this genre is all about talent and television and there, unfortunately, is no abundance of available talent out there that could headline a weekly TV show. Producing a slick looking show is less challenging than creating a viable talent roster in today’s marketplace. However, I will add that if anyone could pull this off it would be Bischoff.”

Ross on Ken Shamrock’s upcoming fight against Kimbo Slice: “This pairing is disturbing to me as the 44 year old Shamrock doesn’t need to be in the ring any longer after being such a warrior all these many years. Kenny is a bona fide tough guy as most who have followed his career can attest. I saw Ken a few months ago in Albany, New York. I had the chance to visit with him and I came away from the conversation feeling that Ken needed to stop fighting and stick to training fighters.”

Ross on Brock Lesnar: “The Brock Lesnar vs. Cheick Kongo MMA fight has yet to be finalized for November. Has anyone heard of Lesnar signing a new UFC deal as I read where Brock had originally signed a three fight deal with the company? By my last count that would leave only one fight left on this contract and the last thing the UFC needs is for Lesnar to be a free agent which they obviously won’t allow to happen if at all possible. BTW unless Kongo can catch Brock early, Lesnar should dominate this fight.”