Rumors of a New Project with Bischoff, Hogan and Goldberg?

– There’s talk that a new pro wrestling project could be coming off the heels of Hulk Hogan’s Celebrity Championship Wrestling on CMT this October, possibly produced by Bischoff-Hervey Productions, which is also working on the Hogan Celebrity show.

There is nothing set in stone right now but there has been discussions within CMT, but probably not beyond the idea of the company being interested in producing something. There’s no guarantee that anything will come out of this and no details on talent involved, tapings or anything else like that has even been discussed. Apparently there was some sort of finish filmed for the finale of Hogan’s Celebrity show that left an angle open for future projects if CMT wanted to do more wrestling-related programs. Hogan’s show debuts on 10/18 and features celebrities like Danny Bonaduce, Butterbean, Frank Stallone, Trishelle Cannatella, Todd Bridges, Dennis Rodman, Screech and others training under wrestlers like Brutus Beefcake and Brian Knobbs.

It’s interesting to note that Bischoff wrote a blog on his website and mentioned that working on the Hogan Celebrity show had “whetted his appetite” for being involved in wrestling again and left the door open for him getting back into the business at some point. It’s also interesting to point out that the timing of the new proposed Bischoff project with CMT came around the same time that former WCW Champion Bill Goldberg announced he was training for a return to wrestling, with no promotion mentioned or other details revealed.

We’ll just have to wait and see if anything comes out of all this talk.

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