Jim Ross: Eric Bischoff Rumors, Gail Kim’s Return, More

Jim Ross is back with another blog update at jrsbarbq.com. Here are some of the highlights:

– Ross on WWE’s return to Oklahoma: For WWE fans, I hear that the WWE is likely to return  to Oklahoma in March of 09 a few weeks prior to WM25.  This info isn’t verified but I would assume Raw would emanate from the the BOK Arena in Tulsa while Smackdown and ECW would be taped in OKC.

– Ross on the Eric Bischoff rumors: Is Eric Bischoff going to start a new, wrestling promotion using CMT as his network?  I don’t know the answer but Bischoff is an aggressive, entrepreneur who understands the art of the deal.  Being successful in this genre is all about talent and television and there, unfortunately,  is no abundance of available talent out there that could headline a weekly TV show.  Producing a slick looking show is less challenging than creating a viable talent roster in today’s marketplace. However, I will add that if anyone could pull this off it would be Bischoff.

– Ross on Gail Kim: Lots of talk on the Internet this week about Gail Kim leaving TNA and allegedly coming back to the WWE. I was never quite sure why Gail was released in the first place but if she is coming back to the WWE I think it will be a positive move. Gail has a ton of ability and has evolved nicely as not only an in ring performer but behind the mic as well since leaving the WWE. Some websites really made a huge deal out of this matter which confounds me somewhat.