Backstage Update on WWE’s New Superstars and Primo Colon

Source: WO Radio

– There’s no real solid plans behind WWE bringing up all of these developmental talents lately such as Colt Cabana (Scotty Goldman), Jay Bradley (Ryan Braddock) and Shawn Spears (Gavin Spears) because creative really doesn’t have anything concrete in the works for them. It seems like to some that WWE is just bringing these guys up only to lose with not much of a chance at getting over.

Primo Colon is a bit different. WWE does have some plans for him but you wouldn’t have thought that after seeing his quick RAW debut with Mike Adamle two weeks ago. WWE actually had a few different segments planned for Colon that night but they got cut out because of time constraints due to all of the disorganization backstage at RAW.

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