Updates on Bobby Lashley and RVD

– As posted earlier, several big names could be jumping ship between WWE and TNA in the coming months while other stars could be making returns. Two other big names to watch for are Rob Van Dam and Bobby Lashley.

Van Dam has worked sparingly since leaving WWE and although TNA has expressed interest in him, the door is open for a WWE return. One would think that a big factor in Van Dam committing to any kind of deal would be his wife’s battle with cancer and he probably wouldn’t get into anything serious until she beats the disease.

There is said to be more positive talk within TNA right now about Bobby Lashley than ever before. It’s well known that Kurt Angle and Booker T have tried to start the process to bring Lashley in. It’s not likely that Lashley would return to WWE anytime soon as there would be some bad blood between the two. No word yet on how Lashley’s MMA career is going or what his motivations are, but him getting into the sport didn’t generate much attention mainly because he hooked up with a smaller promotion.