Jim Ross Speaks on John Cena, Foley Update

– Alvin sent word that WWE’s website has removed Mick Foley’s profile from the site. When you click on Foley’s link, you get the message that says the page can no longer be found.

– Jim Ross updated his blog over at jrsbarbq.com where he spoke on John Cena’s recent injury:

I was shocked to see John, who had just had neck surgery earlier in the day, up and around much less dropping by the ancient Igloo to simply say hello to “the boys.” As I understand it, a disc in Cena’s neck herniated and a fragment stuck into his spinal cord causing obvious discomfort and numbness down his right arm and into his hand. Dr. Joseph Maroon,  a renowned  Neurosurgeon and Professor of Neurosurgery at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center and the team neurosurgeon for the Pittsburgh Steelers expertly handled the Cena’s repair. This was a procedure  that Dr. Maroon called an “emergency surgery.”

John’s surgery was a micro-surgical removal of a large piece of disc material that infringing John’s spine. Cena told me that the doctors took a small piece of bone from a cadaver to use for the neck fusion. Cena is expected to begin physical therapy next week and could be back in the ring in between 2-4 months according to Dr. Maroon.

Wednesday morning as I was going thru the Pittsburgh Airport one of the security guys said Cena had come thru earlier alone and in excellent spirits and moving just fine. Cena’s surgery wasn’t as drastic or invasive as what some other WWE Superstar’s have endured and one thing that helped was the quick response time of Cena himself. If John had ignored the symptoms this matter would have ended up an entire different story without the quick and positive results of Tuesday.