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SPOILERS: WWE Smackdown! Taping Results (8/29)

Posted by Kyle Faust in WWE News
Tuesday, August 26th, 2008

Thanks to reader Michael Pasqua for texting in the following results:

Smackdown starts off with The , he says that Vickie is “” and that she will burn in hell. The ringposts burst into flames, and ‘Taker slowly walked out.

HHH vs. is announced as tonight’s main event, not the HHH vs. Khali as first advertised.

def. Kenny Dykstra – Kenny cuts a promo on what it takes to be on Smackdown. shoots back and gets a major pop from the fans. Huge upperhand by Killings. Killings wins with a scissor kick. Afterwards, the crowd was chanting for “tables.”

& def. & Maria when Maryse hit a ddt on Maria for the win. Maryse and Natalya laid out McCool afterward.

Backstage Maryse interupts McCool and says that she will be the next Divas Champion.

A video package is shown for the / feud.

Jeff Hardy vs. MVP is advertised for later tonight, and Hardy says he will beat MVP. Hardy vs. MVP is next!

Jeff Hardy def. MVP – Jeff Hardy missed a swanton bomb, MVP capitalizing. The fans are chanting MVP! Camel Clutch by MVP. Jeff Hardy won with a whisper in the wind and then the swanton bomb. After the match, Shelton Benjamin ran down and laid out MVP and Hardy.

The Pittsburgh Steelers are shown in the house.

Jesse & Festus vs. and Zach Ryder, this match never got a chance to finish as came out and cleared house. He said that hes tired of Vickie overlooking him. He calls the match an ‘oversight.’

Bree Bella (from FCW) def. Victoria via pinfall

cut a promo, and from what I understand it was a great promo.

Kenny Dykstra called R-Truth a convict.

HHH def. Shelton Benjamin – Khali came down the ramp, distracted HHH, Benjamin went for the finisher, but missed and HHH put him in the pedigree for the win!


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