Article Comparing Brock Lesnar To Kimbo Slice

FOX Sports has an article online comparing former WWE champ Brock Lesnar to Kimbo Slice. 79% of the people voted Brock Lesnar over Kimbo Slice. Here is an excerpt:

Here’s the question: Kimbo Slice or Brock Lesnar? Which one is going to be the better mixed martial artist?

I love how everyone is so quick to jump on or off either fighter’s bandwagon. Why is it that some MMA fans want to bring these guys down? They are both great for the sport. They absolutely come from different backgrounds with varying credentials, but most certainly they both do one of the most important things any fighter out there today needs to be able to do. They put peoples butts in seats! People want to see them fight.

Are they the best MMA fighters on the planet right now? Hell no, but right now they don’t have to be. What they need to be right now is entertaining plus they need to be somewhat successful.

You can read the full article at Fox News.