WWE RAW Results – August 25, 2008

– Tonight’s WWE RAW on Sci-Fi kicks off with the World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk coming to the ring.

CM Punk vs. JBL

Punk comes out to a huge pop followed by JBL in his white limousine. A huge “CM PUNK” breaks out before the match. They go back and forth to start the match with lots of kicks and big right hands.

Punk knocks JBL to the mat with a big kick to the head for a quick 2 count. Punk with more kicks and another 2 count. Punk applies a side headlock on JBL in the center of the ring. JBL gets kicked again and then dropkicked to the floor. Punk comes diving through the ropes and knocks JBL to the floor again.
They get back in the ring now and go at it. JBL ends up knocking Punk to the apron but he comes back in. JBL hits Punk with a big boot and knocks him to the floor as we take a commercial break.

Back from commercial and JBL and Punk are tied up in the middle of the ring. JBL drops Punk with a back breaker and gets a 2 count. JBL hits Punk with a snap suplex and another 2 count. Punk applies an abdominal stretch on Punk as the ref checks him out. JBL takes Punk down again to the mat for another quick 2 count. A big clothesline by JBL followed by an elbow drop and another 2 count.

JBL continues to punish Punk and puts him on his shoulders, applying pressure to the ribs. Punk slides out of it and goes to fight back but JBL catches and slams him hard on the mat for yet another 2 count. JBL puts Punk on the top turnbuckle and hits him with right hands. JBL goes for a superplex from the top but Punk counters it and nails a DDT from the top. Punk covers for a 2 count.

They trade right hands but Punk throws in some kicks. Another 2 count by Punk after a top rope splash. Punk hits the running knee and the bulldog for another 2 count. JBL slides out of the GTS and nails Punk with a Clothesline from Hell. JBL covers Punk for a 2 count as Punk put his hand on the ropes. JBL argues with the referee. JBL goes to the outside and brings a steel chair into the ring. The referee takes it out of his hand. JBL turns around to a GTS from Punk and the pinfall for the win.

Winner: CM Punk

– Still to come tonight is Santino Marella vs. Kofi Kingston for the WWE IC Title and Batista vs. Kane. Back to commercial.

– Back from commercial and Lilian Garcia introduces the General Manager of RAW, Mike Adamle. He comes out and asks everyone to look at the Titantron and watch footage from SummerSlam of John Cena vs. Batista. We cut to a video.

Adamle says because of the Batista Bombs, Cena has suffered a severe herniated disc in his neck. Adamle says an MRI has revealed the injury is worse than everyone expected and he will need surgery which means he will be out indefinitely. Adamle says Cena won’t be participating in the Championship Scramble match at Unforgiven but he will name a replacement before the end of tonight’s show.

– We go backstage to Kane. He says everyone talks about what happened like it’s a bad thing. He says pain can be a good thing. He says what Batista did to Cena is nothing compared to what he did to Rey Mysterio. Kane talks about his chokeslam and says it leaves the victim wondering, is he “alive or dead?” Kane pushes the camera away.

– We see Mike Adamle walking up to Primo Colon. Adamle apologizes for last week and says he has everything ready for tonight, the apples and everything. Primo says he is nothing like his brother Carlito and calls him a jerk. Adamle laughs and Primo asks what’s so funny. Adamle tells him he will find out before his match tonight.

– Adamle turns around to Shawn Michaels. He says Jericho’s name. Adamle says he hasn’t arrived to RAW yet tonight and HBK just stares. HBK goes to leave and Adamle asks how Rebecca is. HBK turns around, stares at him and walks off. Back to commercial.

Beth Phoenix vs. Kelly Kelly
Back from commercial and Kelly Kelly is waiting in the ring. The WWE Women’s Champion comes out with Santino Marella by her side. Kelly tries to get an offense early on but Beth Phoenix slams her. Beth’s nose is busted open and she’s bleeding. She starts punishing Kelly now.

Both Divas go back and forth with Kelly fighting back hard and getting a 2 count. Beth whips her into the turnbuckle but catches her foot running in. Kelly trips Beth nose first into the mat. Kelly goes for her corner move but Santino pulls her out of the way. Kelly comes from behind and rolls a distracted Beth Phoenix up for the pinfall and the win! Apparently this was a non-title match.

Winner: Kelly Kelly

After the match, Beth beats up Santino.

Charlito vs. Primo Colon
Back from commercial and Charlie Haas comes out dressed in an afro and holding an apple, looking like Carlito. Lilian Garcia says tonight, he is known as Charlito. Out next is Carlito’s brother, Primo Colon who is making his WWE TV debut.

Primo goes at it with Charlito early on, hitting hard and nailing a hurrancanrana from the top. Haas fights back, gets a 2 count and keeps on stomping on Colon. Haas knocks him back down and gets another 2 count. Side headlock applied by Haas as the ref checks Colon.

Haas goes to use the apple but Colon knocks it out of his mouth. Dropkick by Colon followed by more offense. Colon hits a move off the top rope but Haas counters. Colon counters Carlito’s finisher and hits a cross body off the top for the pinfall and the win.

Winner: Primo Colon

– Backstage we see Shawn Michaels making his way to the ring as we go back to commercial.

– Back from commercial and we get a promo video of highlights from the recent happenings in the Shawn Michaels and Chris Jericho feud including the SummerSlam footage with Rebecca.

– Shawn Michaels makes his way to the ring to a huge pop from the crowd, with a serious look on his face.

HBK says first off to the people who have asked about Rebecca, she is hurt. HBK says after being with him for 15 years, she’s tough and will be OK. He says he went home last week to take care of his family and tried to think rationally, that Jericho didn’t mean to hurt his wife. He says they sat down to watch RAW and saw Jericho blame him and the fans for what happened, showing no remorse at all.

HBK says he didn’t send in a letter of recognition because he deserves the right to come out and tell the people who have supported him for 20 years thank you. HBK is getting a little emotional. He says he didn’t realize that coming out here and saying goodbye was going to be so hard. He says that’s why he had Rebecca with him and what did she get for it, punched in the face. The crowd chants his name.

HBK says when he saw Jericho on RAW, he looked Rebecca in the eyes and knew he wasn’t going anywhere. The crowd pops at the sound of that. Jericho appears on the big screen which gets huge heel heat. Jericho says he is lucky he isn’t there tonight and is at the WWE Studios because of what he would do to Michaels. He says he was asked not to be there tonight. He says if they face each other again, HBK won’t leave the ring. Jericho says HBK wants this match is because he wants to bring him down. HBK says the reason he wants this match because if he does what he wants to do to Jericho, they will throw him in jail. But in this ring, he can legally do whatever he wants. HBK is on his knees. He says he will do whatever it takes, sign anything, any kind of release, whatever Jericho wants. HBK says no rules, no liabilities, he doesn’t want anyone held responsible for what he’s going to do to him except him.

Jericho says if he accepts this un-sanctioned match, Michaels whole life could change. Michaels asks him if he’s going to accept the match or keep talking. HBK says his wife is tougher than Jericho. Jericho says OK, he accepts the match. Jericho warns Michaels, do not allow his wife and kids to watch the match because they will be horrified at what they see. Jericho says in two weeks at Unforgiven and HBK cuts him off, telling him he doesn’t know the meaning of the word Unforgiven. HBK says he will never forgive Jericho for what he’s done. He says he’s not looking to steal the show or pin Jericho, he has one thing only in mind and that’s an eye for an eye. Jericho looks on from the big screen as the crowd chants HBK’s name and we go back to commercial.

Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase vs. Jerry Lawler and Hacksaw Jim Duggan
The WWE Tag Team Champions Rhodes and DiBiase come out first without their belts, as Cryme Tyme still have them from last week. Jerry Lawler’s music hits next and he comes out with Duggan by his side.

Lawler and DiBiase start the match out as the crowd is really behind Duggan and Lawler. DiBiase hits a big back body drop on Lawler. Lawler hits one of his own and they lock up again. Lawler hits a big right hand on DiBiase off the ropes and they go back to the corner. DiBiase tags in Rhodes who comes in and hits Lawler with right hands and kicks to the gut followed by a submission hold on the mat.

Lawler tries to fight back but Cody throws him back to the mat with an armbar. Nice suplex by Cody. Rhodes now backs Lawler on the ropes and taunts him, slapping him in the face. Lawler gets fired up and comes back with right hands. DiBiase comes in but Lawler hits him with a kick. They go off the ropes and DiBiase locks on the sleeper. Lawler tags in Duggan who comes in and hits big clotheslines and a big body slam on DiBiase.

Duggan hits his three-point stance tackle on DiBiase and pins him for a 2 count that Cody Rhodes breaks up. Lawler comes in and sends Rhodes to the outside. DiBiase hits one of his finishers on Duggan and gets the pinfall for the win.

Winners: Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase

After the match, Cody Rhodes gets on the mic and says they will come looking for Cryme Tyme to get their belts back. Cody says they commited a crime and last time he looked, you had to win WWE Titles and not steal them. He says they will never win a Championship. Cryme Tyme’s music hits and they’re up in the crowd with the belts. The fans are going crazy. They introduce themselves. They say it’s about time Rhodes and DiBiase put the titles on the line, so they borrowed them because they couldn’t get what they want. And what they want is a tag team Championship match at Unforgiven. DiBiase tells them they have no idea what they have got themselves into. DiBiase and Rhodes accept the match and it’s on for Unforgiven. DiBiase says they are going to take back far more than what they stole and it will be priceless. Cryme Tyme says, priceless? Did he say priceless? They call him a silly white boy and say nothing is priceless. They say it’s all about that money, money and the crowd breaks out in chant with them as Rhodes and DiBiase get pissed in the ring. Back to commercial we go.

– Todd Grisham is backstage with Batista wanting comments on his match with Kane tonight. Batista speaks on Cena and says their match was one of the best of his career. He says Cena lives his life by three words, hustle, loyalty and respect. He says he has nothing but respect for Cena and wishes him the best of luck and a full recovery. He says he’s not intimidated by Kane. He says he will win the belt back at Unforgiven but says tonight it’s not about titles, it’s personal.

WWE Intercontinental Title Match: Santino Marella vs. Kofi Kingston
Back from commercial and Santino comes out first, looking behind his back and being nervous. Kofi is out next to a nice pop. They lock up and Kofi takes him down with an armbar. Santino turns it around into a headlock on Kofi. Big shoulder by Santino. They go off the ropes and Kofi hits a big kick for a 2 count.

Kofi hits a big uppercut on Santino and another 2 count. Kofi misses a splash off the top as Santino ducks. Santino starts stomping on Kofi and hits a facebuster for a 1 count as Kofi kicks out. Santino applies an abdominal stretch on Kofi but Kofi counters and hits Santino with a dropkick and a cross body. Kofi hits Santino from the top again, hits a leg sweep and nails his double leg drop move.

Santino tries to leave but Beth Phoenix comes out. Kofi catches Santino on the floor and throws him back in the ring. While the referee’s back is turned, Beth grabs Kofi’s ankle and makes him fall face first on Santino’s knee. Santino covers him for the win.
Winner: Santino Marella

After the match, Beth comes in the ring with Santino. She backs him in the corner but ends up kissing him. Santino asks her if she’s mad and she says no. He turns her around in the corner and plants a big wet kiss on her. They leave together and we get ready to take another commercial break.

– Back from commercial and we cut to WWE’s Josh Matthews and Candice Michelle at the Democratic National Convention in Denver. Candice says she will be registering tomorrow and invites the fans to join her. They talk a little about WWE’s SmackDown! Your Vote campaign and we go back to the arena.

– Mike Adamle is back on the entrance way. He announces John Cena’s replacement for Unforgiven as Rey Mysterio. We see a video of Rey on the big screen in various matches but he does not appear live. This seems very stupid considering everything with Kane. Lawler and Cole run down the Unforgiven card.

– We see Batista making his way to the ring before we go to commercial.

Batista vs. Kane
Back from commercial and The Animal makes his way to the ring first followed by Kane with his new theme music.

They lock up to start the match and Batista gets Kane in a side headlock. Big shoulder by Kane sends Batista to the mat for a second. They go back and forth again until Batista hits a big shoulder block. They end up on the mat with Batista wrapping his legs around Kane.

They lock up to start the match and Batista gets Kane in a side headlock. Big shoulder by Kane sends Batista to the mat for a second. They go back and forth again until Batista hits a big shoulder block. They end up on the mat with Batista wrapping his legs around Kane.

Batista backs Kane in the corner and nails right hands and knees. They go to another corner but Kane fights back, pushing Batista back this time. Batista comes back with a right hand but runs into Kane’s shoulder. Batista goes for a Batista Bomb but Kane counters. Batista nails a clothesline and sends Kane to the floor. Kane grabs the steel steps and throws them. He throws around some steel chairs and looks frustrated as we go back to commercial.

Kane keeps working on the knee of Batista and gets a 2 count. Kane picks Batista up again and drops the knee over his own knee. Batista is down. Kane is smiling. Kane keeps stomping on the knee of Batista. Kane with a big boot to the head of Batista. Kane covers for a 2 count.

Kane kicks Batista to the floor and goes out after him. He kicks the knee into the steel steps at ringside and keeps working him over. Kane rolls back in the ring as the referee counts. Batista finally makes it in the ring. Batista fights back with right hands ut Kane kicks him in the knee again, bringing him back down. Kane picks Batista up and slams him back down on the knee and applies a leg submission.

Batista finally breaks the hold and applies an armbar on Kane, trying to make him submit. Kane squirms on the mat as the hold is broken. Batista is still hurt. They get to their feet but Kane goes back to the knee and takes Batista back down. Batista manages a huge clothesline on Kane. Batista hits a boot on Kane but gets scooped up for the Tombstone. Batista slides out of it and manages to pick Kane up and slam him down on the mat. Both men are back down.

Batista drop toe hold’s Kane into the turnbuckle and hits a running clothesline. Batista runs into Kane’s hand this time but fights him off and hits a big spine buster. Batista goes for the Batista Bomb but Kane goes back to the hurt knee and takes him down. Kane goes to the floor and slams Batista’s knee against the ringpost. Kane grabs a steel chair and swings it, hitting Batista’s knee against the ringpost. Kane hits him again with the chair, and again as the referee tries to stop him.

They get back in the ring and Kane goes for a steel chair shot to the head. Batista kicks him and drops him with a big spear. Batista picks up the chair now and starts beating on Kane with it. He drags Kane’s leg to the ringpost and starts working it over. Batista nails Kane’s leg against the post with the chair over and over again, trying to hurt his knee as well.

Batista collapses after another chairshot to Kane’s knee. RAW goes off the air with both men down on the ground in pain.