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SPOILERS: TNA iMPACT! Taping Results (8/28)

Posted by Marc Middleton in TNA News
Monday, August 25th, 2008

– TNA is currently taping this week’s edition of iMPACT in Orlando, FL. Below are the live results:

* Awesome Kong defeated a woman billed from Memphis, TN but we didn’t catch her name. ODB came out and attacked Kong until the referees seperated them.

* and defeated X Division Champion Petey Williams and Sheik Abdul Bashir after some miscommunication between the heels. Sheik and Petey got into a scuffle after the match.

* Curry Man defeated Jimmy Rave. Afterwards, Rave and Lance Rock attacked Curry Man until the Prince Justice Brotherhood made the save.

* defeated after , who was at ringside for commentary, had words with Nash which let Angle get the advantage. Joe had words with Nash after the match but Nash walked off.

* The Beautiful People defeated TNA Knockouts Champion and Roxxi after Velvet sprayed hairspray in Roxxi’s eyes. Kip James put a paper bag over Roxxi and they threatened to cut ’s hair until hit the ring and made the save.

came to the ring to cut a promo on his actions over the past few weeks. said the young stars in TNA don’t have respect, so he is going to show them respect. said he got involved in Joe’s match against at the pay-per-view because Joe could have simply beaten Booker but Joe tried to take it too far and disrespect a legend and then flipped off Sting. Sting said he used to see Joe as TNA’s future but he can’t be if he does stuff like that. Stinf says showed him respect when he was young. Sting calls out any of the young stars if they have a problem with that. comes out. Sting says Styles disrespected him by calling him a coward and took his match with Kurt Angle too far as well. AJ says he helped build TNA from the beginning. Sting offers to give Styles his bat for AJ to hit him from behind. AJ thinks about it, then takes the bat but turns Sting around to face him. Sting counters it and drops him with a Death Drop. ’s music plays to end the segment.

* TNA Tag Team Champions Inc. defeated and Super Eric. LAX, including the returning Homicide attacked . Homicide was wearing an eyepatch.

* They did an angle where and Johnny Devine called out for getting soft. They did some comedy spots in the ring where worked over Devine but Team 3D ended up attacking him until made the save.

* ODB defeated Raisha Saeed. ODB pulled off her mask backstage so we didn’t get to see her face. ODB sowed off the mask but was attacked by Awesome Kong and laid out.


* Rhino defeated Sonjay Dutt

* They do a promo where Kevin Nash tells Samoa Joe he’s going to prove to him Joe’s not ready for the pay-per-view. He books Joe against three opponents – Johnny Devine and Lance Rock, who Joe beats. The third challenger comes out and it’s . Joe ends up defeating .


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